A set of small plates with colorful flower crystals in full bloom

The word "Mei-mei" means "each" or "one by one". This dish can be used for a variety of purposes, such as as a serving dish or a side dish for one person. It is attractive not only for use on special occasions and for entertaining, but also for everyday use. It will make any coordination, whether Japanese or Western, look elegant and attractive.

Kiyomizu-yaki porcelain plates as beautiful as a blooming flower

Characteristics of Meimei Dish 1

Beauty like a blooming flower! A fusion of tradition and innovation

This set of small plates has a beautiful milky-white pattern throughout the plates. This product is produced by "Touan," a Kiyomizu-yaki potter that has been in business for four generations. Each color of this gem allows you to enjoy the beautiful colors that spread out as if flowers are blooming all over the surface.

The colored glazes that produce these gorgeous patterns are the result of the potter's own research and development. This glaze is a technique that makes good use of the characteristics of crystallizing glazes, and is characterized by a transparent sheen that looks as if it were coated with glass. This series, named "Hana Krystal," is a representative of the current Touan works.

One-of-a-kind Meimei dish  full of floral crystal character

Characteristics of Meimei Dish 2

Crystals for individuality! All different and one of a kind!

Flower crystals," which bloom with beautiful colors, appear differently in each product. Therefore, each crystal is unique, even in a set of five pieces. You can enjoy large flowers, small flowers, and a wide variety of crystal shapes.

Each of the five pieces is a different color, and each has its own personality, making it fun to use them in different ways depending on your mood at the time and the ingredients you are pairing them with.

The flower crystals bloom not only on the surface of the dish, but also on the underside. Even the back side of the dish has a beautiful appearance, showing that it was carefully produced by the hands of craftsmen.

Versatile Meimei dish for a variety of uses

Characteristics of Meimei Dish 3

Versatile item for a variety of uses

The word "Mei-mei" means "individually" or "one by one". As the name implies, it is perfect for use as a pick-up plate or for placing a side dish for one person.

Although Meimei dish is suitable for special occasions and hospitality, it is actually recommended for everyday use as well. With a diameter of 12.5 cm, it is neither too large nor too small, making it a versatile item that can be used for a variety of occasions in addition to serving as a serving dish.

You can serve Western and Japanese sweets, tea cakes, sake, wine, etc.... It will make any coordination, whether Japanese or Western, look elegant and attractive.

Dishwasher and microwave-safe Kiyomizu-yaki Meimei dish

Detail of Meimei dish 1

Dishwasher and microwave safe!

You may feel that traditional handicrafts are troublesome to care for and handle, but these Mei mei dish can be used in dishwashers and microwave ovens. If it is durable and easy to use, we are happy to be able to incorporate it into our daily lives without any worries.

This item is recommended for busy families who reheat meals and quickly put them in the dishwasher after use.

Mei mei dish for celebrations and gifts

give a gift of Mei mei dish

Set products for celebrations and gifts

The set of five plates in different colors is recommended not only for home use but also as a wedding or housewarming gift for couples who are about to start a new life together.

Of course, it is not limited to wedding gifts, but it would also be appreciated as a gift for family members or those who are particular about tableware. It is also a perfect gift for superiors or elderly people, such as to celebrate longevity or to thank those who have taken good care of you.

BECOS's wrapping service allows you to choose from a variety of modern Japanese designs using Japanese paper, furoshiki wrapping cloth, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer a service where you can type the text you wish to convey on a message card. We hope you will put your thoughts and feelings into this gift for your loved ones.

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