Stylish wind chimes for interior decoration

These wind chimes can be used not only in summer but also all year round as interior decorations. The stylish design and the gentle sound made by ceramics are attractive. The white wind chime with gorgeous glossy flower crystals and the black wind chime with a matte texture like an iron kettle have different tones, so you can choose the one you like best. Since they are rare items, they make great gifts for celebrations and other occasions.

A beautifully placed wind chime that looks like an objet d'art

Wind chime feature 1

A beautifully placed wind chime that looks like an objet d'art

"Ryou-no-oto" is a rare type of wind chime that can be placed on the floor. When we think of a wind chime, we imagine an item that is hung on a window sill to feel the coolness of summer, but this "Ryo no Oto" has a beautiful shape like an objet d'art. It was designed by product designer Kazunari Miyake.

It can be placed anywhere in the room, and its unique form is eye-catching. Of course, you can also enjoy its beautiful sound. If placed in a well-ventilated entryway, the gentle sound will always welcome you, and if you place it in the living room, it will make its presence felt as an interior item.

In fact, the wind chime was born when a piece of porcelain originally developed as a tea utensil was bumped against a piece of porcelain and the sound was so beautiful. The story behind the product, which was born from an accident, is one of its charms.

Sophisticated design woven with diverse materials

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Sophisticated design woven with diverse materials

The parts of "Ryo no Oto" are made of various materials.

First is the stand frame that supports the entire wind chime. The thin arm is made of stainless steel, and the bottom part has a double circle drawn on it to enhance strength and stability. The wind catcher hanging from the frame is made of wood. It is a very thin wooden board, and when it catches the wind, it flutters and shakes the iron tongue that hangs below it.

The body of the wind chime, which makes a sound when it comes into contact with the tongue, is made of porcelain. The wind chime is available in two colors, white and black, which are characteristic of Kyo-yaki and Kiyomizu-yaki ceramics.

Although these wind chimes are composed of diverse materials, they are both elegant and graceful because of the attention paid to coloring and texture.

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One-of-a-kind tones that are different from each other

For example, just as different musical instruments have different resonances and registers, each handmade wind chime is unique in its own way.

The sound of the wind chimes made of Kyoyaki and Kiyomizuyaki, which are also the main body of the wind chimes, differs greatly because the materials used for the white ones are porcelain and those for the black ones are ceramic, even though they are made of the same pottery. Both produce a clear and gentle tone, but the white wind chime has a slightly higher pitch and the black one a more subdued, lower pitch.

We recommend that you choose colors based not only on visual preferences but also on sound differences.

White is

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White is "glossy" and black is "matte" texture

The major difference by color is that white has a glossy texture and black has a matte texture.

The body, which plays the sound, is also finished in white with a beautiful pattern and luster called "floral crystals. The glaze is melted during baking and crystals are formed during the cooling process, resulting in a beautiful flower-like pattern. The wood used for the wind receptor is also natural in color, taking advantage of the texture of the wood itself. The stand frame and tongue are gold for a modern look.

The black color is called koku-shu (black rust), and is characterized by a unique rough texture that is similar to that of an iron kettle. The wood and tongue of the wind receptor are also painted black, and the stand frame is also finished in matte black. The stand frame is also finished in matte black.

Although a variety of materials are used, the basic colors of white and black are used as the base, making it easy to place in any location and coordinate with any outfit.

Vertical size for space-saving decoration

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Vertical size for space-saving decoration

A hanging wind chime requires a certain amount of preparation, such as attaching a hook to hang it near a window, etc., but a stand-alone wind chime can be placed anywhere with a little space.

The stand frame measures approximately 27 cm in height and 9 cm in diameter, with a solidly weighted porcelain body set in the frame, making it difficult to topple over due to its low center of gravity. When using the wind chime, all you have to do is set the wind chime body in the stand frame, so you can display it immediately after receiving it without any hassle.

Be careful, however, because the body of the wind chime is made of ceramics and may break if dropped from a high place. Also, the wood of the wind catcher is very thin and may crack if it is subjected to excessive force, so be sure to enjoy the sound of natural wind.

Comes with Japanese and English instructions and makes a great gift!

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Comes with Japanese and English instructions and makes a great gift!

The wind chime comes with an instruction manual that describes the names of each part, its materials, and how to use it, so people who see it for the first time will not have any doubts about how to use it. The English instruction manual is also included, so it is recommended as a gift for people from other countries.

BECOS's wrapping service also offers a choice of wrapping designs using Japanese paper, furoshiki wrapping cloth, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer a service that allows you to type the text you wish to convey on a message card. We hope you will put your thoughts and feelings into the gift you send to your loved ones.

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