Stylish furoshiki (crane and haze) with super water-repellent finish for convenient use

This is a super water-repellent furoshiki cloth that repels water like a ball. It can be used as an eco-bag when you have more luggage, as an umbrella in case of sudden rain, or as a stole or lap blanket when it is cold. It is an excellent item that can be used for various purposes by folding it up small and putting it in your bag when you go out. This is a furoshiki that matches the modern age, with a modern arrangement of traditional patterns.

Super water repellent to make traditional furoshiki more convenient

Characteristics of Furoshiki 1

More convenient traditional furoshiki

It looks like an ordinary furoshiki. Yet, when water is sprinkled on it, it repels water like a ball, and the cloth itself does not get wet at all.

Furoshiki has long been used by people as a "square cloth to wrap things in. It is said to have originated in the Muromachi period , when people wrapped their kimonos in a cloth bearing their family crests at a bath house (bath house).

In recent years, the furoshiki has been attracting attention as a useful everyday item, and this product has the added advantage of being super water-repellent. This groundbreaking item will be of great use in every moment of your daily life.

Characteristics of Furoshiki 2

Water rolls off like a ball! Amazing water repellency

When water is poured on the furoshiki, it moves as if the water were a marble, rolling over the furoshiki. After the water passes through, it returns to its original state as if nothing had happened.

The interesting water repellency does not diminish even after 50 repetitions of washing. The originality of this furoshiki is so great that you will be excited to see what you will use it for.

Convenient furoshiki cloth that doubles as an umbrella when it rains and as an eco-bag when shopping

Characteristics of Furoshiki 3

Use it as an umbrella for sudden rain, or as an eco-friendly bag for shopping.

The advantage of furoshiki is that it folds up small and is not bulky, making it easy to carry around. It can be conveniently used in a variety of situations by keeping it in a bag.

For example, when you go to the supermarket for shopping, just wrap the four corners around the bag to make it an eco-bag. When it suddenly rains and you don't have an umbrella, just put it over your head and it becomes an umbrella.

When you feel cold on the road, you can use it as a scarf or knee-hugger. When you are working with water, you can quickly wrap it around your waist and use it as an apron. It is an excellent furoshiki that is more useful than you think.

Super water-repellent furoshiki with a modern design combining traditional haze patterns and cranes.

Furoshiki detail 1

Traditional Kasumimon and crane design fused together

The design image is "Tsuru-zu Shitae Waka-kan" (poem scroll with underpainting of cranes), an Important Cultural Property. The design of the furoshiki incorporates the dynamic image of cranes painted by Sotatsu Tawaraya, the founder of the Rimpa school of Japanese art.

The background uses the traditional "Kasumimon" pattern, but the clear touch of the pattern and color scheme give it a modern look.

Super water-repellent furoshiki featuring a large size and light crape material

Furoshiki detail 2

Large size! Material is light "Chirimen".

The furoshiki measures 96 cm x 96 cm, large enough to completely hide a child when unfolded. When used for any purpose, it has a generous cloth feel and can be used with ease.

The material is 100% polyester crape. This weaving technique is also used as a material for kimonos, etc., and is characterized by its countless small "shibo" (wrinkles). It has a light and cool feel and is very comfortable to the touch, even when worn over the shoulders or draped over the knees.

Furoshiki can also be used as a

Furoshiki as wrapping cloth

As a "wrapping" for an important gift

BECOS can use this furoshiki as wrapping for gifts to loved ones.

Using furoshiki as wrapping means "treating the item inside with care and also showing respect to the person to whom the gift is being delivered. The recipient of the gift will surely be delighted by the unprecedented special wrapping.

Please take advantage of BECOS's unique wrapping service, which conveys your feelings while respecting customs and manners.

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