Personalized Bizen Pottery Mugs for Everyday Use

This Bizen ware mug, which gives you a sense of the power of nature, has a simple form that makes you want to use it every day. With a capacity of approximately 230 ml, it is not too large, making it useful not only for meals and tea time, but also for use at your office desk. Naoto Tsuneki's work is also attractive because it is not too heavy as it is made thin and easy to handle for everyday use. Since it is a practical item, it is also recommended as a gift.

Bizen Pottery Mugs with a Thousand Year History

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Bizen Pottery Mugs with a Thousand Year History

Bizen ware mugs are ceramics made in Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture. Bizen ware is one of the six oldest kilns in Japan and is a traditional craft with a thousand-year history.

Bizen Pottery has a warm flavor that lets you feel the texture of high-quality clay as it is, and is simple yet powerful in nature. Since Bizen Pottery is fired without glaze and without painting, its color and surface change depending on the conditions inside the kiln during firing.

The potter responsible for this mug, Naoto Tsuneki, uses an anagama kiln instead of a climbing kiln, which produces a brighter orange color than typical Bizen ware. The charm of Bizen ware, which can express various shades of color depending on how the kiln is fired, is maximized.

All are one-of-a-kind! Bizen Pottery Mugs with Unique Character

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Everything is one of a kind! No two are alike!

Bizen Pottery is much favored by many people as a work of art. Due to the effects of the high heat and ashes during the firing process, no two pieces are ever the same. It can be said that the individuality of each piece is what makes it so valuable.

Similarly, even though these mugs are shaped and fired in the same way, the expression of each one is all different. You can enjoy Bizen ware as your own unique mug.

Bizen Pottery Mugs with Excellent Tableware Properties

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Bizen ware with excellent characteristics as tableware

From the late Muromachi period , Bizen ware was also favored as tea ceremony utensils. Even today, a wide variety of tableware is produced using Bizen ware techniques. There are several reasons why Bizen ware is so useful as tableware, one of which is its high specific heat. It heats up easily and does not cool down easily, allowing you to enjoy warm drinks while they are still warm. This mug is also suitable for slowly enjoying warm drinks such as coffee, tea, and Japanese tea.

In addition, because Bizen ware is fired without glaze, the uneven surface has microscopic pores and is breathable. This air permeability has the effect of mellowing the taste of coffee and making it more delicious.

Other advantages include the uneven surface of a beer tumbler, which keeps beer bubbles fine and aroma fresh, and a plate, which prevents water from evaporating and food from drying out. Bizen Pottery, which can be used in everyday life, has many advantages that are made possible by the natural power of high-quality clay.

Bizen ware mugs with a refined simplicity that you will want to use every day.

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Sophisticated simplicity that makes you want to use it every day

The mug has a simple shape that extends from the bottom to the drinking spout without expanding greatly. The refined design balances well with the warmth of the texture, making it appealing. The handle is thick and firm, making it easy for a man to put his fingers on it and hold it.

With a diameter of approximately 7 cm and a height of approximately 9 cm, and a capacity of approximately 230 ml, the not-too-large size is useful not only for meals and tea time, but also for office desks.

Weighing approximately 200 grams, it is no heavier than a typical ceramic mug. Bizen ware is a heavy pottery, but Naoto Tsuneki's tableware is not too heavy because it is thin and easy to handle for everyday use.

Bizen ware that you will want to have in a series

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Bizen ware that you will want to have in a series

In addition to mugs, Naoto Tsuneki's tableware includes a variety of cups and saucers, coffee drippers, beer tumblers, sake cups, plate plates, and deep bowls. Each piece has a different look, so it is recommended to have them all in a series. You can give your dining table a stylish touch.

In addition to tableware, there are also items that look great in interiors, such as flower vases and bowls with lids. It is highly recommended to incorporate unique Bizen ware into your daily life.

Bizen ware for daily use is also a good gift.

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Bizen ware for daily use is also a good gift.

Bizen Pottery coffee cups can be used every day and make a great gift. Handcrafted by artisans, these products are perfect as birthday presents or celebrations for loved ones, or for Father's Day, Mother's Day, longevity celebrations, and other occasions when you want to express your gratitude for their daily support.

It would be a welcome gift for those who are particular about tableware, or for families who love ceramics with a sense of Japanese tradition.

BECOS's wrapping service, available as an option, allows you to choose from a variety of modern Japanese designs using Japanese paper, furoshiki wrapping cloth, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer a service where you can type the text you wish to convey on a message card. We hope you will put your thoughts and feelings into this gift for your loved one.

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