For your daily evening drink! Fuji design tin tumbler (medium)

This tumbler from Osaka Naniwa Tinware, a traditional Osaka craft made from tin, which has excellent properties as tableware, has a 300 ml capacity, making it perfect for enjoying beer, shochu, and other alcoholic beverages. Tin absorbs impurities from water and alcohol, thus removing any unwanted taste and mellowing the flavor. It also has high thermal conductivity, so you can enjoy cold food cold and hot food warm for a long time. The design of the symbol of Japan, Mt. Fuji, makes it a celebratory image and is recommended as a congratulatory gift.

Tumbler made of 100% tin with the warmth of handcraftsmanship

Tumbler made of 100% tin with the warmth of handcraftsmanship

Osaka Naniwa Tinware tumblers are a traditional craft that has been handed down for more than 300 years. Among metals, tin, which has excellent properties as tableware, is used as a material.

Osaka Tinware is a brand that produces a variety of products that suit modern lifestyles while respecting traditional techniques.

The tumblers, created through the skill of our master craftsmen, are special, but they also have a warm feeling to them.

Tumbler made of tin with excellent properties

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Made of tin with excellent properties

Tin is one of the softer metals and feels comfortable in the hand. Furthermore, it is resistant to rust and discoloration, and has long been valued as a material for tableware.

One of its major characteristics is that tin, with its coarse molecules, absorbs impurities from water and alcohol, thus eliminating miscellaneous tastes and mellowing the taste. You will want to use this tumbler for beer and sake, as well as for drinking water.

Furthermore, its high thermal conductivity allows it to absorb heat much more quickly than ceramics, making it possible to enjoy cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for longer. This is especially recommended for people who want to enjoy a cold beer or other alcoholic beverage every day. Since it does not break when dropped like ceramic or glass, it can be used on a daily basis without worry.


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Generous 300ml capacity for daily evening us

The size of the tumbler (medium) is 9.4 cm in diameter at the mouth and 9.5 cm in height with a capacity of 300 ml, which is a little large for a household glass, but is a general size for a tumbler. The tumbler is thick and sturdy, and is perfect for use as a glass for drinking beer, shochu, or other evening beverages.

The shape of the cup is gently and smoothly widened from the bottom to the drinking spout, making it very comfortable to hold in the hand. It does not slip and can be held firmly and stably in the palm of the hand.

The weight of the tin is also the secret to its high stability. This tumbler is especially suitable for men who find lightweight glasses unstable and difficult to use. It is ideal for use when you want to enjoy a leisurely evening drink with a meal or a chat.

Tin tumbler with playful Mt. Fuji design motif

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The playful design is based on Mt.

The tumbler is shaped like Mt. Fuji when placed face down. Many tin products have simple designs that take advantage of the metal's inorganic nature, but this gugui is full of playful design.

The snow covering the top of the mountain is expressed by adding a pattern to the body. The towering figure gives a dignified impression. The luxurious look of this item will surely lift your spirits when you use it to enjoy a meal while sipping a delicious drink.

Tin tumblers in five colors, each full of character

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Available in 5 colors, each with its own personality

Tumblers are available in your choice of five colors: red, blue, black, white, and yellow.

Red is a subdued color, not flashy, and easy to use for both men and women. Blue is dark and vivid and suitable for men. Black is very chic and gives a cool impression. White has no coloring and is recommended for those who want to enjoy the white and silver colors of the tin. Yellow is the brightest of the five colors and is perfect for people who like colorful tableware.

The impression changes depending on the color you choose, so it is recommended to have different colors.

Each tin tumbler arrives in a special paulownia wood box

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Each one comes in a special paulownia wood box

Each tumbler arrives securely packaged in its own special paulownia wood box. The paulownia box is printed with the traditional craft name "Osaka Naniwa Tinware," the product design name "Mt. Fuji," and a square seal for a sense of luxury.

The enclosed small pamphlet clearly explains the history of tinware and how to care for it. Even those who are not familiar with tin tableware can purchase it with confidence.

Tin tumblers in 4 sizes with many variations!

Other Features

Wide Variety! Four sizes available for different purposes

The Fuji series from Osaka Tinware includes three sizes of tumblers (small, medium, and large) and four sizes of sake cups. Of course, all come in a special paulownia wood box to match each size.

You can enjoy drinking a variety of alcoholic beverages such as sake, beer, and shochu in tinware. We recommend using different sizes depending on the person or occasion, such as small size for women with small hands, and medium or large size for men who want to drink a lot of sake at once.

All types are available in five different colors, so you can enjoy coordinating them to your liking.

Tin tumblers for celebratory gifts and gifts for people abroad.

Give a tumbler

Recommended for celebratory gifts and gifts for people overseas.

Fuji is a symbol of Japan and a very congratulatory motif. For this reason, we recommend giving a pair of tumblers as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or as a wedding or housewarming gift to a couple who are about to start a new life together.

It is a gift for people who are particular about tableware, or for families who like to enjoy a leisurely meal. Also, since this product is filled with Japanese culture and technology, it would make a great gift for people from overseas.

BECOS's wrapping service, available as an option, allows you to choose from a variety of modern Japanese designs using Japanese paper, furoshiki wrapping cloth, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer a service that allows you to type the text you wish to convey on a message card. We hope you will put your thoughts and feelings into this gift for your loved ones.

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