Tin material can be freely transformed! Chopstick rest with mizuhiki motif

Chopstick rests made of 100% tin, which was created by taking advantage of its soft nature. It is a stylish item with mizuhiki as a design motif. The five different designs on each chopstick rest add to the enjoyment of using them. The item comes in a luxurious paulownia wood box, making it a perfect gift for a special occasion.

Chopstick rest with a tiny sparkle of 100% tin

Chopstick rest feature 1

Small brilliance of 100% tin

Chopstick rests made of 100% tin, created in Japan's number one casting town. It is produced by NOUSAKU, the brand that created the industry's first "bendable tableware.

Since the Edo period, Takaoka's cast metal has carved out a history of more than 400 years, and Nosaku is a brand that continues to produce products with a high level of design in line with the times, based on free ideas that are not bound by preconceived notions.

This chopstick rest is another product born from a new idea. It is a small item, but it will add a sophisticated sparkle to your dining table.

Chopstick rest with auspicious mizuhiki motif

Chopstick rest feature 2

Design with auspicious mizuhiki motifs

Chopstick rests come in a set of five, all in different shapes. The design motif is mizuhiki, a uniquely Japanese cultural element. Mizuhiki has long been said to ward off evil and to bring people together. This tableware incorporates the profound culture of Japan very well.

The thin mizuhiki are represented by various knots, making it a gem of elegance. Each shape is cute and makes you happy.

The delicate workmanship is the result of the craftsman's handiwork. You can see how the three mizuhiki are neatly stacked to form a knot. This chopstick rest is suitable for everyday use as well as for special occasions.

Hand-bendable chopstick rests that take advantage of the material's characteristics

Chopstick rest feature 3

The characteristics of the material come alive! Hand-bendable chopstick rests

Tin is a metal with a beautiful silvery-white color and rust-resistant properties. And despite being a metal, it is surprisingly soft. Especially those made of 100% tin can easily change its shape with the power of the hand.

Chopstick rests with mizuhiki motifs are flat when you receive them, but if you bend them slightly by hand before use, it will be easier to place chopsticks on them. The curves drawn by the mizuhiki will become three-dimensional, and the table will look more gorgeous.

After use, it can be easily flattened by hand and quickly put back together. It is a good use of the material's characteristics and very humorous.

Chopstick rests in a luxurious paulownia wood box

Detail of chopstick rest1

Comes in a luxurious paulownia wood box

Chopstick rests arrive in a special paulownia wood box. The paulownia box contains a hard sponge-like material as a cushioning material, in which each chopstick rest is inserted one by one. This is a product that shows our desire to deliver products carefully produced by hand to our customers with sincerity and care.

A special paulownia wood box makes it easy to store chopstick rests when not in use, and since they do not touch each other, they will not get scratched.

It is also good to cherish them as chopstick rests for special occasions such as New Year's Day. When you take out the chopstick rests one by one from the paulownia wood box, you will feel a little taller and more special.

Chopstick rests with mizuhiki for good luck are recommended as gifts.

Give a chopstick rest

Chopstick rests with mizuhiki for good luck are recommended as gifts.

Chopstick rests with the design motif of mizuhiki, a lucky charm, are recommended as gifts. It is a gift that can be recommended for any occasion, including birthdays, anniversaries, wedding and housewarming gifts, and longevity celebrations. Since it is a highly practical item of tableware, it will surely be appreciated as a gift.

The included pamphlet explains the brand and its handling in English, making it a good gift for people overseas.

BECOS's wrapping service allows you to choose from a variety of modern Japanese designs using Japanese paper, furoshiki wrapping cloth, and other uniquely Japanese materials. In addition, when you cannot hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer a service where you can type the text you wish to convey on a message card. Please choose from BECOS's unique wrapping options to add a touch of elegance to your gift on your special day.

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