Tin Chirori (S) that makes sake taste good

With a capacity of 245ml, it is more than enough for 1 cup of sake. It is a size that is easy to use, whether you want to drink sake slowly by yourself or enjoy sake with a meal with a few people. The sharply shaped spout makes it easy to pour sake, making it a gem that is also easy to use. We recommend giving it as a gift with a choko (cup) or gugume (sake cup) as a set.

Chirori, a traditional craft with over 400 years of history

Chirori's Characteristic 1

Traditional crafts with a history of over 400 years

This 100% tin chirori is made in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, Japan's number one casting city. It is produced by Nosaku, a brand of Takaoka copperware that created the industry's first "bendable tableware.

Since the Edo period, Takaoka's cast metal has carved out a history of more than 400 years, and Nosaku is a brand that continues to produce products with a high level of design in line with the times, based on free ideas not bound by preconceived notions.

Chirori made of tin, which has excellent properties as a drinking vessel

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Tin with excellent properties as a drinking vessel

Tin is a material often used as a "sake cup" that can take full advantage of its properties. One of its advantages is its thermal conductivity. The most attractive feature is that it keeps hot food warm and cold food cold.

This chirori can also be kept at a delicious temperature for a long time by boiling it in hot water for hot sake or chilling it in a wine cooler or other container with ice for cold sake.

Tin also has an ionic effect, which helps to mellow the taste of water and sake by removing impurities. In addition, tin has excellent resistance to rust and moisture. This explains why various types of tin drinking vessels are made, such as sake cups, choko, and tumblers, in addition to chirori.

Tin chirori, perfect for when you want to take your time and enjoy a drink.

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When you want to enjoy drinks at a leisurely pace

The capacity of the chirori is 245 ml, which is more than enough for one cup of sake. It is a size that is easy to use when you want to drink sake slowly by yourself or enjoy sake with a meal with several people.

It is not too large, so it is easy to use. The stylish, lean design and the elegant shine of tin will make your dining table look stylish.

Tin chirori with sharp spout and handle that does not get hot

Detail of Chirori1

Sharp spout and handle that does not get hot

The Chirori's spout is sharply shaped to pour sake smoothly in small quantities. Therefore, even when pouring sake into a small cup with a small capacity, it is thin like a thread and the amount can be adjusted as you pour.

The handle is curved so that it protrudes upward from the body, making it easy to angle and very easy to pour. Another key point is that the different materials are tightly wrapped around each other so that they do not get hot when heated.

The bottom of the bowl is stable and the entire surface is firmly grounded to the tabletop. The brand name "Nosaku" is also engraved on it.

Tin chirori in two sizes, S and L

Detail of Chirori 2

Chirori is available in two sizes, S and L

In addition to the S size with a capacity of 245 ml, the Chirori is also available in the L size with a capacity of 440 ml. It is also attractive to be able to choose according to the usage and scene.

We recommend the S size if you enjoy drinking alone or with a couple, and the L size if you often enjoy a leisurely drink with several people at family mealtimes or when guests visit.

Gift set with sake cups and sake cups

Give the "Chirori" gift

Gift set with sake cups and sake cups

Chirori arrives in a luxurious, exclusive box, making it a good choice for home use or as a gift.

Please be sure to give it as a set with a tin cup and a sake cup made of the same tin to someone who loves to drink. Tin is a metal that does not decay easily, making it an ideal gift for wedding gifts and longevity celebrations, as it symbolizes that things never change.

A mini pamphlet with an explanation of the brand and a note about the temperature for heating sake are also enclosed, so those who are new to tinware can feel at ease. You will also be able to tell that this is an excellent product that makes full use of traditional techniques cultivated in Japanese culture. Since there is also an explanation in English, we recommend this product as a gift for people overseas.

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