Enjoy the gentle swaying! Sake cup set that can also be used as a vessel

The snorting shape is unique! The rounded bottom of this unique sake cup creates a gentle swaying motion when placed on the table. In addition to being a drinking vessel, it is also recommended to use it as a vessel for serving a dish, or as an accompaniment to wine with fruit on top. The combination of gold and silver makes it a great celebratory gift.

Tin gulping cups born from a traditional technique with a history of over 400 years

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Traditional crafts with a history of over 400 years

This 100% tin gulping cup is made in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture, the largest casting town in Japan. It is produced by Nosaku, a brand of Takaoka copperware that created the industry's first "bendable tableware.

Since the Edo period, Takaoka's cast metal has carved out a history of more than 400 years, and Nosaku is a brand that continues to produce products with a high level of design in line with the times, based on free ideas not bound by preconceived notions.

Tin made sake cups with excellent properties as a drinking vessel

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Tin with excellent properties as a drinking vessel

Tin is a material often used as a "sake cup" that can take full advantage of its properties. One of its advantages is its thermal conductivity. Its greatest feature is that it keeps hot food warm and cold food colder.

Tin also has an ionic effect, which helps to mellow the taste of water and sake by removing impurities. In addition, tin is resistant to rust and has excellent moisture proofing properties. This explains why various types of tin drinking vessels are made, such as sake cups, cups for sake drinking, and tumblers.

Fashionable tin drinking vessel with a unique shape that creates a

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Unique shape that creates "sway"

The Kuzushi series is a series of vessels characterized by their irregular shapes. This sake cup also has soft curves and is full of warmth.

This unique sake cup has a rounded bottom that creates a gentle swaying motion when placed on the table. When sake is poured into it, the weight of the cup makes it more stable. It is a unique concept that will grab your heart.

The capacity of this sake cup is about 95ml, a little larger than a cup, but not so large as a sake cup. The rounded shape of this sake cup gives a very gentle impression.

Tin sake cups are versatile enough to be used as vessels

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Versatile enough to be used as a vessel

In addition to serving sake as a drinking vessel, it can also be used as a vessel for serving a single dish. As a small bowl, it can be used to serve appetizers or small snacks, so it is useful at the dinner table even on days when you do not drink alcohol.

It is also good to serve well-chilled fruit on top of it to accompany wine. The great charm of this sake cup is that it can be used not only in Japanese style, but can also be coordinated with a variety of other styles depending on your ideas.

Tin sake cups paired with two different colored sake cups

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Pair of two different colors

The set includes two types of sake cups: a silver-colored one made entirely of tin and a gold-colored one with gold leaf on the inside. The slightly uneven, pear-like texture gives them a luxurious shine.

This is an item that couples and families will want to use when enjoying a drink while relaxing and taking a breather, along with good conversation and a delicious meal. It is also recommended for use when entertaining guests. Its elegant and bright shine will add a touch of color to your dining table.

A pair of sake cups with a festive impression makes a great gift

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Sake cups with a congratulatory impression are recommended as gifts.

The sake cups arrive in a luxurious special box and are recommended as gifts as well as for home use.

Sake cups have long been used for ceremonial occasions such as Shinto rituals and weddings. Since sake cups give a congratulatory impression, they can be presented as congratulatory gifts for various occasions.

A mini pamphlet with an explanation of the brand is also enclosed, showing that this is an excellent product that makes full use of traditional techniques cultivated in Japanese culture. Since there is also an explanation in English, we recommend this as a gift for people overseas.

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