Mugs to love spring and fall at once

With a design that lets you enjoy spring and fall at once, this mug is a joy to use! With a capacity of 300 ml, it can hold a large amount of coffee, tea, café au lait, or any other beverage. It is also recommended to use it as a soup cup in the morning or at lunch time.

Mug Feature 1

Mug Feature 1

The patterns turn colors! Mugs to enjoy the colors of spring and autumn

When a warm drink is poured into this mug, the black pattern changes to a vivid pattern. This product was developed by a long-established ceramics brand that has been in business for more than 130 years, taking advantage of the experience it has accumulated over the years.

One of the products in the "Warm Sensation Series," the pattern on the mug changes when a beverage is poured at a temperature of 45°C or higher. The mugs are made by mixing special paints and baking them in a special kiln, making them uniquely original products.

Mino ware is pottery and porcelain produced in the eastern region of present-day Gifu Prefecture. While constructing various methods and techniques, the pottery has been produced to meet the demands of the people of the time. Today, Gifu Prefecture accounts for 50% of the total production of ceramics in Japan and is known as the largest producer of ceramics in Japan.

Mug Feature 2

Impressive! Beautiful patterns that show up clearly.

Pouring boiling water into the mug, the pattern changes beautifully soon after the hot water touches it. When the pattern appears so clearly, you cannot help but be impressed.

The contrast between the black color and the vivid color is also a factor that creates surprise. This is an elegant gem in which the delicate design fits in nicely with the rustic color of the mug.

Enjoy spring and fall all at once! Mugs with different patterns on the back and front
Mug Feature 3

Mug Feature 3

Enjoy spring and fall all at once! Different patterns on the back and front

The mugs have different designs on each side. One is cherry blossoms, the flower of spring. The other is the autumn leaves, a symbol of fall. Both designs are well suited to the simple colors of the ground.

The delicately painted cherry blossoms are very delicately drawn and elegantly beautiful. Autumn leaves give a gorgeous impression with three distinctly colored leaves.

The mug itself has a simple shape, but it has a nice Japanese-style pattern that evokes a sense of the seasons that is uniquely Japanese. You can enjoy the chic design that is typical of Japanese pottery.

Mugs with ample capacity and large handles for high stability
Detail of mug1

Detail of mug1

Plenty of capacity and large handles for high stability

The mug has a capacity of 300 ml, which is plenty for coffee, tea, café au lait, or any other beverage. It is also recommended to use it as a soup cup in the morning or at lunch time.

There is no sense of incongruity when drinking green tea with Japanese sweets. Although it is a mug, it can be used like a teacup.

The large handle makes it easy to grasp and highly stable. Even men with large hands can easily hold it.

Warm and cool series" with a wide variety of products that you will want to have in your collection.
Detail of mug 2

Detail of mug 2

There are many more in the series! A wide variety to choose from!

There are various other products in the series that change color depending on the temperature of the beverage. The warm series changes color with warm drinks, while the cold series changes color with cold drinks.

In addition to mugs, there are also teacups, sake cups, glasses, and various other types, so you can enjoy the changing patterns in a variety of situations, such as daily use at home or for guests.

It will surely be a lot of fun if it appears as a surprise at a party, etc.

Practical mugs are a great gift idea.
Give a mug

Give a mug

Practical mugs are a great gift idea.

Mugs are frequently used items as daily necessities, so they are recommended for birthdays, anniversaries, longevity celebrations, and other small gifts. The elegant colors and design make it an easy product to send to elderly people and superiors.

BECOS's wrapping service allows you to choose from a variety of modern Japanese designs using Japanese paper, furoshiki, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer a service where you can type the text you wish to convey on a message card. Please be sure to send a gift for your loved one that includes your thoughts and feelings along with the product.