Shigaraki ware plate with a chubby thickness and deep blue color

This plate has the strength and glamour of Shigaraki ware. The colors are eye-catching, but the warmth of the handwork is also appealing. The solid thickness is also typical of Shigaraki ware. It is a little deep, so it is perfect for a la carte dishes such as curry and pasta.

Shigarayaki ware, one of the six oldest kilns in Japan

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Shigarayaki ware, one of the six oldest kilns in Japan

Shigarayaki ware, known for its tanuki figurines, is one of Japan's six oldest kilns and is made in Koka City, Shiga Prefecture. Characterized by its high fire resistance and coarse clay texture, this pottery is often used for large vessels such as earthenware pots.

Since Shigarayaki ware is a traditional craft with a long history, it was used in the old days as utensils for the tea ceremony, and today a variety of items, not only tableware, but also ornaments and small objects, are made using the Shigarayaki ware technique.

Shigarayaki ware is often characterized by a simple impression that takes advantage of the texture of the clay, but this dish has both the power and the glamour that are unique to Shigaraki ware. This dish is not only a product of the reliable techniques that have been handed down over a long period of time, but also something new.

The star of the table! Vivid turquoise blue plate

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The star of the table! Vibrant turquoise blue

The turquoise, greenish blue color is vivid yet deep. No matter what you serve it with, it will become the star of your table.

The eye-catching color and warm texture of Shigarayaki ware make it easy to match with any dish or table setting.

The greatest advantage of this dish is that it can be used for both entertaining and daily use, such as a prized dish on days when everyone is around the table, or for your own one-plate meal in the morning.

Plate with solid thickness and gentle curves

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Firm thickness and gentle curves

The clay of Shigarayaki ware is suitable for making large items, and the dish as a whole is very sturdy with a generous thickness. The rim of the dish also has a chubby silhouette, giving a gentle impression.

The diameter of the dish is 22 cm, and it weighs about 650 g, which is about the weight of about three onions, to use an analogy. It is a solid weight for a dish of this size, but it has a sense of solidity that only Shigarayaki ware can provide.

The dish is moderately deep and can serve even somewhat soupy food without difficulty. It is also perfect for a la carte dishes such as curry and pasta. It is a pleasure to see that even if you serve a large amount of food on it, it has a presence that will not be defeated.

Everything is one of a kind! Plates with individuality created by handwork

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Everything is one of a kind! Individuality created by handwork

All dishes are handcrafted by artisans. Therefore, the way the Turkish-colored glaze flows and the appearance of the color shade differs from one to another. The fact that they do not all look the same is also a characteristic of handmade products.

The individuality of a one-of-a-kind dish, which is not mass-produced, is the "flavor" of your own unique dish. You will love it every time you use it.

Shigarayaki ware with five types of tableware in the same series

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Five different types of tableware in the same series!

This series is named "Toruco" and consists of five types of tableware, including large and small plates. You can use one of each as a point of interest on your dining table, or if you like a unified look, we recommend that you get them all as a set.

It looks great in both Japanese and Western-style coordination, so why not incorporate it as a plate to add color to your daily life?

Plates for celebrations and gifts for those who are particular about their tableware.

Give a plate as a gift

A great gift for those who are particular about their celebrations and tableware.

This plate is a gorgeous yet convenient item that can be used every day, so we recommend it as a gift for your loved ones in addition to home use. It would be a great gift for a wedding or housewarming, for those who are particular about tableware, or for a family that likes to enjoy a leisurely meal.

The enclosed mini pamphlet includes information on how to care for the product, so even those who are not familiar with the craft can feel at ease. The pamphlet also describes the history of Shigaraki ware, making it easier to understand the value of the product.

BECOS offers many original wrapping designs using Japanese paper, furoshiki, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer the service of typing the text you wish to convey on a message card. We hope you will make this a thoughtful gift, picturing the smile on the recipient's face when he or she holds it in their hands.

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