Cashmere scarf that gets softer as you use it

Made in Japan 100% cashmere scarf. It's just so light and soft! It feels so good against the skin that once you use it, you will never forget how comfortable it is. The best part is that it can be washed at home, and the more you use it, the fluffier and more comfortable it becomes. It is a reasonable size that is not too big, and is recommended for people of all ages, from children to adults. The production process is a surprisingly meticulous pursuit of warmth and quality. This is a perfect product for those who are looking for a superb scarf.

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High-quality mufflers unique to a brand specializing in cashmere knitwear

Muffler Feature 1

Quality only possible with a brand specializing in cashmere knitwear

This muffler is produced by UTO, a knitwear brand specializing in the finest cashmere fiber. All processes from planning, manufacturing to sales are done in Japan, and this "washable cashmere" is made in Japan.

Only about 170 grams of cashmere goat's wool is harvested from each goat, making this knitwear the rarest of cashmere goats. Each scarf is carefully produced one by one by craftsmen at our own factory in Iwate Prefecture, rich in nature, to provide the best touch. Once you have one in your hands, you will enjoy the unforgettable comfort.

Scarf made of 100% cashmere for softness and warmth

Muffler Feature 2

Amazing process is the secret of softness and warmth

The first thing that surprises you when the Angel Scarf touches your skin is its softness. The knitting is made as sweet as possible, so when you hold it up to the light, it is so light that your hand can be seen through it. The charm of Tenshi no Muffler is its soft and fluffy texture, which is clearly different from tightly knitted cashmere knitwear, as if it is wrapped in air.

During the spinning process, water is passed through the knitted knit to carefully bring to the surface the hairs that have been twisted inside the knit. As the yarn is washed, water is passed through the yarns to bring to the surface the hairs that have been spun and twisted inside the yarn. This is the secret of the warmth that goes far beyond the imagination in spite of its thinness.

We can confidently recommend this scarf to those who do not like the way knitwear adheres to the neck like a turtleneck, or to those who find their shoulders stiffen when wearing a wrap.

100% cashmere scarf that can be washed at home

Muffler Feature 3

Growing up with repeated washing, change after 3 years!

One of the concerns when handling knitwear is how to care for it. However, the greatest feature of this stole is that it can be washed at home. Repeated washing and wearing will keep the scarf fluffy and moist to the touch.

A comparison of a new knit and a knit that has been used while being washed is shown on the right side of the above photo; such a difference can be seen after three years. The beauty of the knit remains the same, but you can see that the knit has become fluffy and airy, and its volume has increased. It is nice to be able to use the knitwear for a long time while feeling the change over time.

Machine washing should be done at a water temperature of 30°C or less with a neutral detergent. Washing is possible only with gentle washing, such as fashionable washing, not with strong water flow. Be careful not to use strong friction as it may cause damage to the fabric. When drying, please lay flat in the shade to dry.

Simple and easy to use 100% cashmere washable scarf

Muffler Feature 4

Ease of use because of its simplicity

The key to the ease of use of angel scarves is simplicity. Monochromatic scarves are available in a variety of colors, from familiar colors to colors that can be used as a color accent.

It looks plain, but it is actually fashionable with a line of knitting on the side. The evenly knitted muffler, which is undisturbed wherever it is taken, is so beautiful that it is hard to believe that it is handmade.

Detail of muffler1

Easy size! Works from fall to spring!

The scarf is 30 cm wide and 150 cm long, making it easy to use. It can be folded to make it less bulky, and we recommend carrying it in your bag on chilly days.

For men, it is very elegant and fashionable just to wear it around your neck. It can be used both on and off the job. Women can enjoy wrapping it around their necks or tying it to give it volume. It is easy to match with any fashion and can be used from the beginning of fall to midwinter and early spring, making it a useful item for sure.

Gift-worthy 100% cashmere scarf that can be washed at home

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High-quality scarves make great gifts.

High-quality made-in-Japan products are a great gift idea. Scarves can be used by all ages and genders and are always useful during the cold season, so they make a great winter gift. Best of all, they are easy to use and can be cared for at home.

It matches any gift-giving occasion, including events such as birthdays and Christmas, and gifts for Father's Day, Mother's Day, and other days to express gratitude. The easy-to-handle size makes it a perfect gift for children.

BECOS also offers modern Japanese wrapping using Japanese paper, furoshiki, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer the service of typing the text you wish to convey on a message card. Please make your gift memorable while envisioning the smile of the recipient.