Hand cream that moisturizes your hands with a rich, thick texture

This hand cream is thick and rich in texture. It adheres to the skin and you can feel the moisture penetrating into the skin. The generous can package makes it stylish not only for use at home, but also for use in the office or on the road. We recommend this product as a gift for women with a natural mindset or as a small present.

Hand cream with certified organic shea butter

Characteristics of hand cream1

Uses shea butter certified by international organizations

Hand cream from ANBAN, a series of skin care items using Japanese and Chinese plants. It uses high quality shea butter certified as organic by Ecocert, an international organic certification organization. It does not use any animal-based moisturizing ingredients and is rich in the blessings of plants.

Shea butter is a natural vegetable fat obtained from the seeds of the shea tree. It has been used as a natural moisturizing cream in Africa for more than 1,000 years.

It is rich in vitamins essential for skin care and can be used not only for moisturizing but also for sun care. This item can be used all year round, including not only in the winter season when dryness is a concern, but also in the spring and summer when sunburn is a concern.

Relaxing hand cream with natural lavender essential oil

Characteristics of hand cream2

Natural lavender essential oil for relaxation.

The hand cream contains lavender essential oil. Therefore, when you spread it on your hands, you will smell the gentle fragrance of lavender. Since it is a natural essential oil fragrance, rather than a manufactured fragrance, the scent is not unpleasant to the nose and is very natural.

Lavender essential oil is said to have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as wound-healing properties such as regenerating skin tissue. It is also expected to prevent rough skin during the dry season.

The fragrance itself has a relaxing effect, so you can enjoy a little healing time.

Hand cream packed with the power of plant oils and Wakan extracts

Characteristics of hand cream3

The Power of Vegetable Oils and Wakan Extracts

In addition to lavender essential oil, the hand cream is rich in plant oils and Wakan extracts.

Grapefruit extract, for example, is moisturizing and contains polyphenols and other antioxidants. Melissa leaf extract, also called lemon balm, is a balancing herb that is both soothing and tonic. In addition, wheat seed extract delivers moisture to the stratum corneum and helps with turnover to keep the skin healthy.

Each ingredient works on the skin and is truly a "power of nature" item.

Hand cream with a rich and thick consistency

Details of hand cream1

Thick! Feels rich and thick!

Pure white hand cream is firm and hard in cold weather, depending on the outside temperature. It is so hard that you have to use the flaps of your fingers to scoop it firmly onto your fingers.

When placed on the back of the hand, it still remains solid. When extended with fingers or palms, it feels as if it adheres to the skin rather than stretching it. It is quite different from the feeling of soft and watery hand cream, and can be described as thick and comfortable to use. If you want to moisturize even your fingertips, you can apply it several times.

After rubbing it into the fingers, the skin remains moist for a while, but it is not sticky. It feels as if it is absorbed into the skin. You can easily use it while doing housework or working.

Hand cream with plenty of volume and can be used many times a day.

Details of hand cream2

Plenty of capacity, can be used many times a day

The hand cream contains 50 grams. It comes in a large quantity, so it is recommended for those who want to take care of their hands frequently. It is nice to know that you can use it for a long time even if you use a lot of it every day.

It can also be used as nail oil by rubbing it thoroughly into your nails. Since it is natural and gentle on the skin, it can be used not only on the palms and fingers, but also on elbows and other areas of concern, such as flakiness.

Hand cream with stylish can package

Details of hand cream3

Elegant can package

The circular can package looks very sophisticated. The key point is that it is easy to use at home or place anywhere, such as on a desk in the office. It is also stylish when quickly taken out of a bag.

This hand cream is recommended not only for women but also for men.

Hand cream for small gifts

Hand cream as a gift

Recommended as a small gift.

The ANBAN series hand creams are suitable for all skin types and are recommended for naturalists. They are also reasonably priced, making them ideal for small gifts.

We hope you will try to give a hand cream full of the power of nature for a special occasion. Even those who are particular about cosmetics will appreciate it. It is also a great gift for men.

BECOS also offers modern Japanese wrapping using Japanese paper, furoshiki, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer the service of typing the text you wish to convey on a message card. Please make your gift memorable while envisioning the smile of the recipient.