Basic skin care set with the power of nature

A skin care set that prepares your skin in three steps: cleansing, washing, and moisturizing cream. A cleansing oil that feels light and refreshing, a soap that leaves your skin moist and clean, and a moisturizing cream that stretches like a gel. All are rich in naturally derived ingredients. The fragrance of laurel and lavender will give you a healing experience every time you use it.

Skin care set covering everything from cleansing to beauty essence in 3 items

Skin Care Set Feature 1

3 items cover from cleansing to serum

A set of three skincare items from ANBAN, a series of skincare items using Japanese and Chinese botanicals. The set includes cleansing, facial cleansing, and moisturizing cream, making it easy to take care of your skin.

AThe ANBAN series is characterized by the fact that each product is carefully and slowly finished at a low temperature to avoid destroying natural and beauty ingredients by heat.

Light and light cleansing oil

Skin Care Set Procedure 1

Light and light cleansing oil

First of all, cleansing is used to remove makeup. Rice nuka oil is mainly used, and no mineral oil, which can cause skin problems, is used. It contains macadamia nut seed oil, which is expected to be anti-aging, and Oubaku (yellow cedar bark) extract, which is known as an ingredient that prevents dryness and improves acne-prone skin.

Colored powders, lip colors, and pencil-type liners can be removed cleanly with a gentle stroke. After washing, your skin will be moist without feeling tight. Even on days when no makeup is worn, gently massaging it in will help tone and condition the skin.

The main aroma is that of laurel, which is included in the ingredients. It has a clean aroma that is a mixture of wood, herbs, and a little citrus. The scent of laurel is also said to relax, stimulate blood flow, and calm irritability.

Soap rich in beauty ingredients

Skin Care Set Procedure 2

Soap rich in beauty ingredients

ANBAN soaps are free of additives such as coagulants, preservatives, foaming agents, and artificial fragrances. The main feature of ANBAN soaps is that they are made using the cold process method, which does not add heat to the ingredients, so that even heat-sensitive, high quality skin care ingredients are not destroyed. Also, each product is handmade by a process called "frame kneading," which allows for the inclusion of many beauty ingredients other than the soap base (base).

Plant-derived ingredients account for 92% of the ingredients in this product, such as arch choke extract, which is effective in preventing rough skin and making the skin elastic and resilient; brown sugar, which has melanin suppression and antiallergic effects; and sake lees extract, which contains many amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

After washing, the soap is surprisingly moisturizing, and you can feel the veil of plant oils in the formula spreading over your skin. Even if you are not good at lathering or find it a hassle, you can use the soap by rolling it lightly in the palm of your wet hand and massaging it directly into your skin.

Moisturizing cream with three functions in one

Skin Care Set Procedure 3

Moisturizing cream with three functions in one

The last one to be used is a moisturizing cream that contains more than 25 Japanese and Chinese plant extracts. This single product serves as a lotion, milky lotion, and serum. It contains apple stem cells, which repair cells that have lost their vitality and promote skin cell revitalization, as well as Mousoutiku bamboo shoot bark extract, which is expected to give skin elasticity and improve its flexibility.

It has a gel-like texture, and when spread on the skin, it blends and permeates in no time at all. A small amount goes a long way, and it is easy to adjust the amount by layering it on areas of concern. In addition to face cream, it can also be used as a body cream or makeup base.

The combination of laurel, lavender, and various other Japanese and Chinese extracts in the formula gives the product a slightly spicy fragrance. Because of its natural ingredients, it has a gentle fragrance that even those who do not like the smell of cosmetics will not mind.

Skincare sets for all women

Gift a skin care set

Skincare products for all women

Naturally derived skincare items can be used regardless of age or skin condition, making them a great gift for women. Any person can enjoy "simple, high-quality skincare".

The all-skin type is gentle on the skin and will be appreciated by natural women and those with delicate skin and cosmetics.

BECOS also offers modern Japanese wrapping using Japanese paper, furoshiki, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer the service of typing the text you wish to convey on a message card. Please make your gift memorable while envisioning the smile of the recipient.