Additive-free, skin-friendly, naturally derived soap (set of 5)

Additive-free, skin-friendly soap. The soap is made using the frame kneading method, which contains more ingredients for beautiful skin than the machine-kneaded soaps that are often found on the market. The set of five soaps can be used repeatedly, and we recommend using them not only for washing the face but also for the body. Soap is a must-have item, so it makes a great gift for celebrations or as a return gift.

Additive-free soap filled with nature's bounty

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No additives! Full of nature's bounty!

Soap from ANBAN, a series of skincare items using Japanese and Chinese plants. The items are free of additives such as coagulants, preservatives, foaming agents, and artificial fragrances, and are made with plenty of plant-derived ingredients.

Each product in the ANBAN series is carefully and slowly finished at a low temperature to prevent heat from destroying natural ingredients and beauty products.

It can be used regardless of age or skin condition, and any user can achieve "simple, high-quality skin care.

Soap made by the frame kneading method, which takes a lot of time and effort

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Painstaking handmade process

This soap is made without adding heat to the ingredients using the cold process method. A major feature of this process is that it does not destroy good quality skin care ingredients that are vulnerable to heat. The power of nature is incorporated directly into the soap.

Each soap is handmade using the "frame kneading" method, in which ingredients are poured into a frame to harden. Compared to the "machine kneading" method used in many soaps on the market, the advantage of frame kneaded soap is that it can contain more ingredients other than the soap base (base). Therefore, this soap contains many naturally derived active ingredients other than the base.

Soap made by the frame kneading method is also characterized by its resistance to blistering and dissolution. The fact that it retains its shape for a long time is a key point for ease of use.

Soap recommended for people concerned about dullness, dryness, and pores

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For people concerned about dullness, dryness, and pores

With 92% plant-derived ingredients, this soap is rich in the blessings of plants and oils. For example, arch choke, which is included as an extract, is an ingredient that is expected to prevent rough skin and improve skin elasticity and firmness.

Brown sugar, an unexpected ingredient, has been found to have melanin suppression and anti-allergic effects. It is also packed with a wide variety of other active ingredients, including sake lees extract, which is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

We encourage people who are concerned about dull, dry skin and dirty pores to try it. Since it is made of skin-friendly ingredients, it is easy for people with sensitive skin to try it.

Soap with moisturizing plant oils

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Comfortable to use with moisturizing plant oils

Using a foaming net to create lather produces a fine lather. When placed on the palm or back of the hand, it has a firm texture that maintains its shape without flowing.

After washing, the skin is surprisingly moisturized and a veil of the formulated plant oils can be felt firmly spreading over the skin. After a little time, the texture of the oil felt immediately after the foam is poured off blends into the skin and makes it more even. You will feel the amazing sensation as soon as you use it.

One of the disadvantages of the frame kneading method of soap is that it is sometimes difficult to foam. However, this soap can be used with or without lather as desired. If you find it troublesome to lather, or if you feel that the lather is too fluffy, we recommend rolling the soap lightly in the palm of a wet hand and massaging it in.

Relaxing soap with laurel fragrance

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Relax with the scent of laurel

The main fragrance of the soap is that of bay leaf (laurel), which is one of the ingredients. Many people are familiar with dried bay leaves, as they are often used in stewed dishes.

Combined with the fragrance of the Japanese and Chinese extracts and other plant oils in the formula, it has a natural fragrance with various elements, including a woody, herbal, and slightly citrus scent. It is nice to know that the gentle fragrance lasts even after washing.

It can be used not only on the face but also on the body, making bath time feel as if you are taking a forest bath. The scent of laurel is said to relax, stimulate blood flow, and calm irritation, turning your daily face wash and bath time into a time of healing. Since it is gentle on the skin, you will want to use it every day.

Soap that is large enough and clean enough to be packaged attractively.

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Large enough and clean enough package

The soap weighs 75 grams and is large enough to occupy the palm of your hand. You can use it to wash your face twice a day, morning and night, and it will not run out quickly. You can buy just one for a trial, or if you want to repeat, we recommend choosing a set of 3 or 5 products.

This soap is naturally derived and gentle to the skin, making it an ideal small gift for women on birthdays, Mother's Day, and other occasions.

The packaging, which is white in color, also has a luxurious and clean feel. There are no instructions, and the fact that all the features and instructions are written directly on the box so that they are clearly visible when the box is opened is also very pleasing.

Soaps recommended as gifts for naturalists and picky eaters

Soap as a gift

Recommended as a gift for naturalists and picky eaters

Kyo-LOCO's ANBAN series cosmetics can be used regardless of skin type and are gentle to the skin, full of plant-derived ingredients that are safe even for sensitive skin. We hope you will give the power of nature in soap as a gift. It will surely be appreciated by nature lovers and women who are particular about cosmetics.

Soap is also a family item, making it a great celebratory or return gift.

BECOS also offers modern Japanese wrapping using Japanese paper, furoshiki, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer the service of typing the text you wish to convey on a message card. Please make your gift memorable while envisioning the smile of the recipient.