Gold and silver threads dance! Simple and modern Nishijin brocade plates (set of 2)

This simple and modern tableware set features gold and silver threads woven into the Nishijin brocade, encased in glass and resin. It is an excellent item that can be used to serve any menu in style. The two-piece set is also recommended as a wedding or housewarming gift.

Nishijin brocade plates that bring traditional beauty into everyday life


Plate Feature 1

Plates that bring traditional beauty into everyday life

Nishijin textile plates produced by a long-established kimono wholesaler in Kyoto. The idea was born from the desire to "create other interesting products by utilizing kimono techniques.

The traditional beauty that has been handed down for more than 100 years can be incorporated into everyday life as daily necessities. This may seem extravagant, but it reflects the brand's strong desire to make traditional crafts more accessible to people today who rarely wear kimonos.

Gold and silver threads dance! Nishijin brocade plates with simple modern design


Plate Feature 2

Gold and silver threads dance! Simple modern design

The Nishijin brocade used for the dish has a modern design with very fine gold and silver threads interwoven in an irregular pattern. The threads that dance across the entire surface are not too assertive, yet they beautifully decorate the entire dish, giving it a luxurious feel.

The Nishijin brocade may seem to have a strong Japanese element, but when you hold it in your hand, it is simpler than you think. It is a rare gem that also has the atmosphere of Western tableware.

Nishijin-ori plates with an elegant beauty that complements food


Plate Feature 3

Elegant beauty that complements the food

The gold and silver threads are randomly woven together to create a simple overall impression, but once the food is served, it becomes much more glamorous.

It is excellent for balancing main dishes, salads, and everything else. The two-piece set makes it easy to coordinate your table.

When you are not sure which plate to use, you will often be saved by its versatility, which will always work for you. They match any cuisine, including Japanese, Western, and Chinese.

Nishijin-ori plate coated with glass on the front and EVA resin on the back


Detail of plate 1

Coated with glass on the front and EVA resin on the back

The surface of the dish is shiny, indicating that it is glass coated. The transparency of the glass covering the fabric is also a thing of beauty. And the back side is coated with EVA resin. Because it is resin, it does not slide on the table or tray, making it very easy to use.

The resin finish also helps prevent shattering in the unlikely event that the dish is dropped. The three-layer structure of glass, woven fabric, and resin makes the plate thick to a certain degree, but it is also impressively light compared to ceramic or porcelain plates.

This item conveys that it is made with a focus on ease of use and incorporation into daily life.

Nishijin-ori plates in attractive, easy-to-use sizes


Detail of plate 2

Easy-to-use size of approximately 8.46 in. square

The dish is approximately 8.46 in. (21.5cm) square. The corners of the plate allow for a good amount of space for serving, making it easy to serve and stylish. Just by changing the plate, you can make it look better not only when entertaining guests, but also at the usual family table.

The edges of the dish are gently curved and warped compared to the center, making it possible to serve even slightly soupy foods.

Nishijin brocade plates for wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, and gifts for people overseas.


Give a plate as a gift

Wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, and gifts for people overseas

Pair tableware is a perfect wedding or housewarming gift for a couple about to embark on a new life together. They are also appreciated as gifts for families who are particular about tableware and like to enjoy a leisurely meal. This modern item is filled with traditional Japanese beauty, so it is also a great gift for a foreigner.

BECOS's wrapping service allows customers to choose from a variety of modern Japanese designs using Japanese paper, furoshiki, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer the service of typing the text you wish to convey on a message card in a handwritten font. Please make your gift a thoughtful one, thinking of the smile on the recipient's face when he or she holds it in their hands.

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