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Nishijin Textiles's new possibilities


  • 1988
  • Nishijin Textiles
  • Mamoru Sakai Takahiro Sakai


Mr.Makoto Sakai, Nishijin Textiles craftworker, founded in 1988 and has produced Nishijin Textiles fabric mainly in kimono belt.

Nishijin Textiles has been crowned with artisans from the Nishijin area in Kyoto since 1467, and has been in production since the birth of Nishijin Textiles 550 years.

However, the origin of the technology dates back to the Kofun period, and based on that, it is the basis of technology that has been inherited for over a thousand years.

Nishijin Textiles is a technique of weaving weaving various patterns using previously dyed yarn.

The combination of the technology, the heaviness of the pattern "weave", fine grain is putting its name as the leading weaving technology in Japan.

However, in modern Japan, the culture of wearing kimonos and kimonos is limited to special scenes, and the demand of Nishijin Textiles is decreasing with such a change in the times.

Under such circumstances, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our foundation in 2018, but "we can not let Nishijin Textiles technology decline" "I want to make Nishijin Textiles technology touches in various situations" Mr.

Takahiro Sakai (2nd generation) with a strong feeling of not only bands, but also challenging product development rooted in the living environment.

It is my second wishes that Mr.

Takahiro Sakai wishes to develop technology based on the belt to not only kimono but also various products and usage scenes, "I want to contribute to Nishijin Textiles's technology inheritance and progress".


New form of Nishijin Textiles that blends into lifestyle

The gold and silver thread that is woven into Nishijin Textiles changes the expression very beautifully depending on the condition of sunlight and the degree of lighting hit.

The pattern that the craftsman chose the color shade and the sum is a design that also matches the contemporary Japanese lifestyle.

And the newly developed "ORI - ZARA" is a dish which Nishijin Textiles applied a special coated coating with glass.

To Nishijin Textiles, the clear texture of the glass is added, and discoloration of the fabric due to UV cutting is also prevented.

Glass has a splash prevention function at breakage, so you can use it with confidence.

There are 3 types of line-ups according to the scene, with a 10 cm bean dish on which a small cake can be placed, a 15 cm middle dish easy to use, a 20 cm large dish with impact, and so on.

Please use as a daily basis, as an interior decorate it, as a present for loved ones.

Please enjoy Nishijin Textiles in various scenes.

For Customers

Nishijin Textiles changes daily life to a special moment

Scenes of hospitality to those who are important, scenes of teamwork surrounding the table in the family, changing a little everyday to "special time".

That will lead to your life, the mind will change abundantly.

In daily life, we want to add coloring to everyone's life by touching Nishijin Textiles, we continue to develop products with such feelings.

Please experience the charm of Nishijin Textiles shining brightly by the sunlight.

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