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Protecting Tradition, Skills and Culture


  • 1912
  • Nagoya folding fan
  • Sadao Kawase
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Passing on Craftsmanship to the Future

The Nagoya folding fan originated when Kanzo Inoue and his son moved from Kyoto to Nagoya and started making fans.

While Kyoto folding fans specialize in glittering designs such as dancing fans and ladies' folding fans, Nagoya folding fans have developed into more austere designs such as celebratory fans and gentlemen's folding fans.

We were born in 1912 as a manufacturer of fans for export, and had a difficult time since the 1970s, when exports of fans decreased significantly due to the strong yen and domestic demand decreased due to changes in lifestyles.

Therefore, we have been trying to differentiate ourselves from other companies by planning highly original fans.

In recent years, there has been a trend to reevaluate Japanese culture, and the Nagoya folding fan has been expanding its activities.

However, the aging of craftsmen and lack of successors have become a problem.

We will continue our activities so that we can pass on the skills and appeal of the Nagoya folding fan to the future.

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A crystal filled with numerous craftsmanship

We make a wide variety of fans, from fans for celebrations to those for daily use.

As with the Kyoto folding fan, the Nagoya folding fan is made by dividing up the manufacturing process so that professionals in each process are involved in the production.

The crystal of skilled craftsmanship is the SUEHIRODO folding fan.

Yuzen folding fan These fans are made of Nagoya Yuzen (katazome), a traditional craft of Nagoya.

The colors are not flashy, but gentle and soothing.

When you open it, the gentle colors spread out and even the soft air seems to spread with it.

In addition, the distinct outline of katazome, which is different from hand-painted yuzen, makes the patterns stand out clearly.

■Lacquer-painted folding fan
By drawing simple patterns in lacquer, the luster of the lacquer is enhanced.

The luster of the lacquer that can be seen when the fan is opened is modest but dignified and glossy.

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For Customers

Enjoy the skillful technique with your eyes.

You may think, "I don't use a fan everyday," but it can be used for more than just fanning.

You can display them on a wall or a shelf as a Japanese interior decoration, or you can use them as an accessory to decorate your hand on special occasions.

Fans are also popular as gifts.

If you are going to choose a fan as a gift for someone special, you will want to be particular not only about the design, but also about the material, the way it is made, and the thought that goes into it.

Our folding fan is an excellent product made with reliable technology that can take care of your feelings.

Please enjoy the folding fan in any way you like.


Bringing the value of "Japan's hidden talent" to more people

■J Flavor

Bringing smiles to the local community, to the world, and to society.

We, J Flavor, are a craft production group that creates new value by combining the various talents that Japan possesses in terms of tradition, technology, and sensitivity.

We want people all over the world to know the talent that Japan.

Through the value of Japanese products, we aim to create a society where everyone has a smile.


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