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Antibacterial chopsticks made entirely by hand.

18 ZEN

  • 1949
  • Lacquer chopsticks in Wajima
  • Natsuki Hashimoto
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Chopsticks that fit in with modern life made with traditional techniques

We, 18 ZEN, are a brand born from Kousaku Hashimoto Corporation, which has been making chopsticks for over 70 years since its establishment.

In recent years, changes in dietary habits and lifestyles have led to a decline in the use of lacquer products.

In particular, many young people in Japan have the image that lacquer products are luxury items and they do not know how to handle them.

We wanted to create a new brand of lacquer chopsticks that would make people feel more comfortable using lacquer products at their daily tables.

The technique of making lacquer chopsticks has been handed down for more than half a century.

We take advantage of this strength to carefully finish each product one by one.

With 18 ZEN chopsticks, you can feel the comfort of lacquer more closely.

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Natural materials that are friendly to the environment and the body

18 ZEN makes safe and reliable lacquer chopsticks that are environmentally and health-conscious.

For the wooden base of the chopsticks, we use local Noto cypress.

By using local wood, we are protecting the beautiful forests of Noto.

Noto-Hiba is a durable wood that is resistant to moisture.

Hinokitiol, an ingredient in the wood, has antibacterial properties, making it suitable for chopsticks.

For the coating of the chopsticks, we do not use any chemical paints, but only natural lacquer.

The urushiol contained in lacquer is an effective ingredient against E.

coli, which can cause food poisoning.

It also prevents decay.

Since lacquer is resistant to acids, alkalis, and oil, there is no better paint to use for chopsticks.

Chopsticks are used for grabbing food and carrying it to the mouth.

18 ZEN's chopsticks are made by skilled craftsmen who put their heart and soul into every step of the process, from priming to finishing.

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For Customers

A unique design to give to your loved ones

We have prepared a wide variety of designs that can be used with different cuisines.

Just as you choose the clothes you wear every day, why not choose chopsticks that match your food?

18 ZEN-nuri is the original technique of 18 ZEN.

Fuki-Urushi" is a technique that allows you to enjoy the natural feeling of using the chopsticks.

Shin-nuri, which lets you enjoy the texture of the lacquer.

Tame-nuri, which allows the pattern to show through.

By changing the lacquering method, we have created a modern design, utilizing the skills of the masters that have been handed down for over 70 years.

Because the chopsticks are made of natural materials, the lacquer soaks into the wood differently depending on the grain of the wood, even if they look the same.

The chopsticks you hold in your hands are the only ones of their kind in the world.

The lightness and warmth of Noto Hiba and the unique feel of lacquer can only be understood by those who have actually held them in their hands.

Please choose your favorite chopsticks from our 18 ZEN chopsticks for yourself or for your family.

Why not choose one for yourself, for your family, or for the health of your loved ones who are far away?


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