The Origin of BECOS

BECOS is an e-commerce platform that brings together Japanese artisans who create products made with traditional Japanese techniques. Our name (BECOS) stands for “Beautiful Crafts Online Store.”

All of the beautiful products featured on our site are made right here in Japan.


These Days, Real Quality Can Be Hard to Find

In Japan, there is an ancient belief that good products should be used for a long time and should improve—not degrade—with age.

Nowadays, however, we are surrounded by cheap, mass-produced goods, the quality of which is gradually decreasing. In response to this alarming trend, we wanted to provide a platform where high-quality artisan-made products from Japan can be promoted to the world.

More Than Just "Products"

Cheap, mass-produced products can sometimes serve a purpose, but more and more people are becoming dissatisfied with the lack of quality and the waste involved with this culture of mass-production and overconsumption. Today’s enlightened consumers want more than just a “product to get the job done.” They want a quality product that:


  • Can be used for a long time
  • Has a low impact on the environment
  • Could make a great gift for a loved one
  • Can be handed down for generations


At BECOS, we strive to introduce products that fit those requirements and will be enriching to the heart and mind.

What BECOS Hopes to Offer the World

At BECOS, we strive to enrich our customer’s lifestyles by introducing products that will be loved and that will only get better with age and use.

At BECOS, we don’t just recommend items; we also introduce exactly what makes each item so special, as well as include the maker's thoughts and struggles in order to convey the true value of the item.

Enjoy Authentic Handcrafted Japanese Goods

At BECOS, we actually go to the various workshops around Japan to talk directly to the artisans, taking the products in our hands and carefully selecting each one for sale.

It may not be the most efficient way to do business, but we think it's necessary to ensure that we offer only the best products on our site.

We at BECOS are so grateful for the collaboration of all the artisans from across Japan who share our vision, and we promise to continue introducing our customers to authentic items that will enrich their lives.