The Origin of BECOS

Beautiful Crafts Online Store = BECOS
BECOS is an e-commerce platform that brings together artisans who create products made with traditional Japanese techniques.

All products are made in Japan.


The real thing is worst when it's done

In Japan, there is an ancient belief that "good products are used for a long time" and "the more you use them, the more value they gain".

Nowadays, however, we are surrounded by cheap, mass-produced goods.

The value of such machine-made mass-produced goods is gradually decreasing.

Use it in different situations

There are many situations where such mass-produced, inexpensive consumables are useful. However, in today's world, values have changed and more and more people are no longer satisfied with that.

"I want to use good products for a long time," "I want to be environmentally conscious," "I want to buy products that are suitable as gifts for my loved ones," "I want to buy products that can be handed down from parent to child with memories,"

We want to buy products that enrich our hearts and minds.

What BECOS wants to offer the world

At BECOS, we want to "enrich your lifestyle spiritually".

In order to do so, we need products that will grow in value and affection as they are used.

That's why we introduce the best parts of our products, the thoughts of our developers, and the difficulties our craftsmen have had to overcome.

Enjoy the real thing

We go out to the workshop and talk to the artisans, actually taking the products in our hands and carefully selecting each one for sale.

It may not be efficient, but we think it's necessary.

Thanks to all the artisans across Japan who empathize and collaborate with us.

From now on, BECOS will continue to create a "thrilling experience for our customers to meet the real Made in Japan".

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