There are lots of adorable maneki neko dolls, but there are also ones with more sophisticated and modern designs. In this article, we'll introduce some of the most chic maneki neko to celebrate the opening of a new shop or business. We'll also give some tips on how to pick out the best maneki neko for such a situation, including things to be mindful of.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Maneki Neko Doll to Celebrate the Opening of a New Business

1. Match the shop's atmosphere or interior decor

If the store stocks a variety of items in a fashionably disordered way or is themed around Japan in some way, perhaps a traditional-looking maneki neko doll would be fine. However, it would be incredibly out of place in a modern-looking bar or hair salon. In short, consider the interior decor of the business when picking out a maneki neko.

2. Make sure the doll's material matches the shop

Most maneki neko are ceramic but you can also find ones made from crystal, paper, wood, and many other different materials.

Sure, ceramic maneki neko are incredibly chic and cute. But in places like restaurants where there's lots of people, it's very easy for these maneki neko to fall and break. That's why it's worth considering maneki neko made of more durable materials!

3. Pay attention to which paw is raised

The Japanese say that when the right paw of a maneki neko is raised, it means that the cat is beckoning good fortune and wealth while the left paw beckons customers. So, if a business relies on a steady stream of customers, such as a restaurant, then a maneki neko with its left paw raised would be perfect for it. You should choose one with its right paw raised when you want the business to become famous and successful, such as a bar or hair salon.

There are also maneki neko that have both of their paws raised, which means they beckon both good fortune and customers. If you're unsure of what to get, this is the safest option!

8 Maneki Neko for Celebrating the Start of a New Business

Chic Maneki Neko #1
A Stylish Maneki Neko That Can Even Be Used As a Piggy Bank

Kata Koto

This ceramic maneki neko designed by WakuWaku Office is an example of Hizen Yoshida ware, a craft that originates from Kyushu's Saga Prefecture (map). Every Kata Koto maneki neko figure is made one by one by hand.

Maneki neko often look very Japanese, but these cat figurines are so stylish that you can put them just about anywhere without them looking out of place, whether it's a chic office or shop. There's a slot at the back of the neck where you can put money in, like a piggy bank. The slot is covered by the long ribbon, so you can easily use these secret cat piggy banks as interior decorations.

In some countries, black cats are thought to bring bad luck, but in Japan they have been considered lucky charms that ward off evil since ancient times.

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Chic Maneki Neko #2
A Colorful Double-Paw Maneki Neko

Wish to the Star Maneki Neko (Crepe Multicolor)

These maneki neko are made by Kakinuma Dolls and their team of over 30 artisans making everything from traditional Sekku dolls to more modern figurines using traditional Edo Kimekomi dollmaking techniques.

This product is a rare double-paw maneki neko which, as we've mentioned earlier, is an extremely potent lucky charm that beckons both customers and financial fortune. The crimped crepe material softens the overall impression the doll gives while the pastel colors brighten it up, creating a maneki neko doll that anyone would love to receive.

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Chic Maneki Neko #3
Maneki Neko With a Gorgeous Gold Pattern That's Perfect for Businesses With a Lot of Female Customers

Kinsho Maneki Neko

This maneki neko was made with "kinran", a kind of textile with patterns woven using gold thread. Adding to the gold's luxuriousness, the faint pink coloring also gives the maneki neko a lovely chic look.

The doll comes packaged in a pretty light blue box that's sure to delight the present's recipient. While it'll surely mesh well with any professional interior, we recommend gifting it to a business that gets a lot of female customers, such as a hair salon.

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Chic Maneki Neko #4
A Vivid Red Maneki Neko That Instantly Draws Your Attention

Feng Shui Maneki Neko (Red)

The red color of this maneki neko is sure to leave a lasting impression. In feng shui, red is also considered a symbol of vitality that can bring you luck in your professional life, improve your health, and bestow many other fortunes on you.

With such powerful forces behind it, this maneki neko is bound to bring joy to anyone about to undertake a new challenge. It comes in three different sizes, so pick the one that fits the recipient's workplace the best.

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Chic Maneki Neko #5
An Incredibly Lucky Maneki Neko With a Sophisticated Checker Pattern

Checkered Pattern Maneki Neko

In Japan, checker patterns are thought to be incredibly lucky, symbolizing prosperity, perpetuity, as well as growth and expansion. Don't these sound perfect for celebrating the start of a new business or store?

While the pattern itself might be traditional, the white and black coloring of this maneki neko makes it seem chic and modern. No matter where you place it, this doll is sure to leave an impression! If you're looking for something truly unique, check out this maneki neko.

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Chic Maneki Neko #6
A High-End Crystal Maneki Neko

Figure Ornament Maneki Neko

Baccarat is a brand famous around the world for its crystal, a type of incredibly clear glass that has been used to make jewelry and accessories since ancient times. This maneki neko is a unique and exceptional example of Baccarat crystal.

If you look closely, you will see the Baccarat logo represented by a "B" on the bell hanging around the cat's neck. Overall, it's a luxurious piece that would be a welcomed addition to any sophisticated business, such as a bar or a lounge. The figure comes in three sizes (S, M, XL), with the M and XL sizes coming with their own cushions.

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Chic Maneki Neko #7
Cute Seto Ware Maneki Neko Pair

Colorful Manpuku Maneki Neko Figurine White Set (With Bell)

This is a charming set of Yakushigama-brand maneki neko dolls made in Seto, Aichi Prefecture, which has been producing pottery for more than 1,300 years. Each figure is holding up a different paw, so together they beckon both customers and wealth your way! It's a great gift for any cat lover.

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Chic Maneki Neko #8
Maneki Neko in a Picture Frame That You Hang On Your Wall for Good Luck

JIG Art Frame Yonezawa Black and White Maneki Neko

Maneki neko also come in the form of drawings and paintings! This particular product was made using collaging and papercutting techniques. The adorableness of the portrayed maneki neko is sure to attract good fortune your way.

This is a limited edition, with only 300 pieces being made available. Each colorful wall art will be handmade only after the order comes in, so please note that it can take around a month to actually receive the final product.

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What Maneki Neko Will You Choose?

Maneki neko are a very popular gift in Japan to celebrate the start of a new business or moving into a new place. They're lucky charms that don't clash with anyone's beliefs, so anyone would be glad to receive them. Knowing this, please consider a maneki neko doll the next time you're looking for a present!

For more information on the origins, history, and effects of the maneki neko, please check out the following article.

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