Japanese Feng Shui Items for Your Front Door

Feeling a tad unlucky recently? If so, why not try incorporating the practice of feng shui into your life? Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice where you arrange your surroundings to achieve harmony and balance. Feng shui is popular in Japan, and there are loads of Japanese feng shui items out there, including ones that grant good fortune just by setting them by your front door. Here are some of our top recommendations!

The Front Door Is a Portal for Positive Energy

japanese feng shui genkan

Feng shui should be adopted the most at the front door or entrance to your home. This is because the front door acts as a portal for "qi," or movable life force. Qi can be altered by placing different items at your home’s entrance. For example, fresh arrangements of flowers by the front door will boost positive qi and suck up negative qi, thus helping to improve your fortune.

The front entrance of a typical Japanese house has an area one step lower than the rest of the house to leave shoes. It is often designed quite differently from that of a Western house, generally offering additional furnishings like built-in shoe cabinets (the cabinets at the top and bottom to the left of the front door in the first picture above). Still, there are also many similarities, so this guide should be relevant for other styles of houses, too.

What Is Front Door Feng Shui? How Can It Improve Luck?

feng shui entrance

Here are some specifics about feng shui relating to the entrance area of a home.

Doormats Should Be Made of Natural Materials

Doormats can help to improve one's luck. According to feng shui experts, doormats can soak up negative qi. Ones made with natural materials, such as cotton, are most recommended.

To ensure they continue to soak up negative qi, be sure to keep your doormats clean!

Place Mirrors at the Side, Not in Front

Mirrors can multiply the good qi that comes in through the front door. According to feng shui, octagonal mirrors are particularly worth buying.

It is said that mirrors placed to the right help you attain fame and social standing while mirrors placed to the left help to build wealth. If a mirror is placed right in front of the door, it may bounce back the incoming qi, so be careful where you put it.

Add Houseplants

Houseplants placed by the front door can also improve one's fortunes because they can change negative qi into positive qi.

The benefits differ by type: Pachira and monstera plants are recommended to improve financial fortune while corn plants and asparagus ferns are recommended to improve luck in romance. Pachira and yucca are also for improving career prospects and snake plants and yucca will ward off evil.

If there is no clear entrance hall area (as is common in Europe and the Americas), these plants can be placed outside the front door for the same effect.

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Clean, Bright, and Aromatic: The Three Keys to Feng Shui in the Entrance Area

japanese feng shui entrance

"Cleanliness," "brightness," and "pleasant aromas" are the three keys to feng shui in the entrance area of any home. Even if you have decorated your entrance with lucky items, the positive qi will escape if the area is dirty or littered.

Dark entrance areas also tend to trap negative qi, making it important to let as much light in as possible to invite in positive qi. In addition, an entrance area that smells good not only makes one feel better, but is also extremely lucky!

Must-Have Japanese Feng Shui Items for Your Home Entrance

The entrance to a home is where qi enters and leaves the house, so putting feng shui items here can help to improve luck. Below we present a list of Japanese feng shui items that will work to improve your luck!

Japanese Feng Shui Items to Place By the Front Door

You can improve your fortune by putting auspicious items by the front door. Here are some Japanese feng shui items we recommend!

Onigawara to Ward Off Evil

ONIGAWARA japanese feng shui

Onigawara refers to roof tiles that incorporate the image of oni, a kind of Japanese demon. They may look a little scary, but they have a history of more than 1,400 years in Japan as items to ward off evil. Nowadays, few houses have onigawara roof tiles. Instead, ornamental onigawara such as the one pictured can be conveniently placed in the entrance area to improve the energy in the house. There is a saying in Japan that "fortune comes to those who smile," so you can invite positive qi by placing a "shokimen" (mask of a laughing oni) near the front door.

The 12 "juzu" prayer beads depicted as circular indentations on both sides of the oni represent the 12 months in a year, meaning that this onigawara will help bring in positive qi all throughout the year. The onigawara can be a decorative item to give the entrance area a Japanese feel, and the delightful grin on its face is sure to invite positive energy through the front door!

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Daruma Doll: The Ultimate Lucky Item

japanese feng shui daruma

Daruma dolls are among the most famous auspicious items in Japan, so it's no surprise that placing a daruma doll at the entrance is said to improve the fortune of a house. Red daruma in particular have long been believed to ward off evil and prevent illness and disaster. As the color red represents fire, red daruma are said to help improve luck in the same way fire intensely burns and grows.

This product is Edo Daruma, a daruma doll that was made using the traditional craft of Edo Kimekomi. Edo kimekomi dolls are made by chiseling grooves into a wooden surface and inserting the ends of fabric into the grooves. This particular daruma doll wears an adorable expression that will warmly welcome anyone into your home.

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Maneki Neko: Indispensable for Front Door Feng Shui

Golden Maneki Neko to Boost Economic Fortune

golden maneki neko Japanese feng shui

Gold is a color believed to bring in money. If you want business to flourish or better financial prospects, place a golden maneki neko doll by the front door.

Like the daruma doll introduced above, this is a maneki neko made through the traditional craft of Edo kimekomi. Unlike ceramic maneki neko, it will not break easily, so people with children and pets don't have to worry about it being knocked down.

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Maneki Neko With Two Paws Up to Invite Business to Your Door

Japanese feng shui beckoning cat

While maneki neko with both the right and left paws up are rare, they are said to be particularly beneficial because they invite both money and customers. This is a feng shui classic that is highly recommended for business owners to place at their shop entrances.

This particular maneki neko with two paws raised up not only looks like it's wishing to the stars for your wish to come true, but it is extremely adorable and will likely attract customers' attention and become the shop’s mascot. It will undoubtedly be a welcome present to commemorate a shop's opening or move.

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A Green Maneki Neko Inviting Peace and Tranquility

Japanese feng shui green maneki neko

As they are said to help with rest and rejuvenation, green maneki neko are recommended for the entrance areas of people who are constantly busy. This green maneki neko has a roundish form and adorable expression that will surely help you instantly relax!

In addition, it is fitted with translucent Swarovski crystal eyes that will ward off evil spirits.

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A Stylish Maneki Neko to Match Any Interior

japanese feng shui white maneki neko

If you want an auspicious item to display in your entrance area that is modern and stylish and suited to Western-style interiors, go with this Hizen Yoshida ceramic maneki neko. It has a sophisticated, sleek form and will seamlessly match any surrounding.

Maneki neko that have their right paws raised are said to help invite money. Taking this a step further, this maneki neko is actually a piggy bank, so you can use it to save money for a particular goal. Maneki neko should be placed above one’s sightline so that they can invite in the positive energy that passes by the front door. Choose your positioning carefully to effectively invite as much in as possible!

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Doormats: Wipe Off Negative Qi at the Door

Doormats can help brush off any negative qi that may come through the front door. In particular, doormats made of natural materials are extremely effective at sucking in negative qi. Here are some Japan-made doormats that come highly recommended for feng shui!

Improve Your Fortune With a Bright and Aromatic Tatami Mat


japanese feng shui tatami mat

More and more people are wearing slippers in the house for hygiene reasons, and this product is extremely useful for those who do. While sold as a yoga mat, its length and cushioning make it perfect as a runner for the entryway. The natural soft rush used to make the mat has a pleasant aroma that makes the entrance area a comfortable space to be in. The bright colors of this mat improves the atmosphere of the entrance area as well, which is important as it can easily become a dark space where negative energy accumulates.

Soft rush also has deodorizing powers to absorb the bad smells in the entrance area alongside the negative qi. This mat comes in a variety of colors, so pick one that goes best with the rest of your house decor!

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Folding Fans: Add Some Elegance and Luck to Your Home

Folding fans are said to be auspicious because of the shape they form once opened. They are believed to calm the home’s atmosphere and ward off evil. Here are some Japanese folding fans especially recommended to display for front door feng shui.

For Those Who Wish to Succeed in Business

Japanese feng shui fan

The powerful horse seen here is a symbol boosting one's luck in competitions and to get ahead at work and life. If you want to succeed in business, why not display this fan in your entrance area?

This is a rare Edo Sensu fan made by one of just two remaining Edo Sensu craftsmen in Japan. The spokes of the fan are made of "honsusudake"—bamboo that was previously used as the frame for thatched roofs and naturally stained black. This is an outstanding product that represents a long history and the passage of time while adding elegance to your entrance area. Of course, folding fans that create a nice breeze will also bring in positive qi.

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Kanazawa Gold Leaf Fans to Brighten Up the Entrance Area

japanese feng shui door hand fan

These are folding fans luxuriously decorated with Kanazawa gold leaf that will brighten up the entrance area of any house. They are perfect to help keep the area bright and clean for positive feng shui.

The fans are handcrafted to bring out the natural features of the gold leaf—its thinness, softness, and the way it cracks naturally. They are special one-of-a-kind products that will lift up your interior decoration game.

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Folding Fans That Will Enhance Feng Shui Through Aroma

japanese feng shui aroma fan

These Kyo Sensu fans from Kyoto are infused with aroma. The soft scent helps to bring in positive qi. The fans are decorated in vivid colors inspired by nature and the four seasons and will brighten up any entrance area. There are different color variations available, such as blue, so why not change it out each season?

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Japanese-Style Lights to Brighten Up Your Front Entrance

Lights are items that brighten up the entrance area while boosting one's financial prospects. It is best to choose lighting that closely resembles natural daylight. Here are some Japanese-style light fixtures recommended to improve the feng shui in the entrance to your home!

Akita Cedar and Washi Paper Kumiko Lamp

Japanese front door feng shui kumiko lamp

This delightful lamp combines traditional materials with a stylish modern design. The sides of the lamp are made from sturdy washi paper, and the top is decorated with a Japanese woodworking technique called kumiko, which uses no glue or nails to create intricate patterns of wood (in this case cedar from Akita). 

The "asanoha" or hemp leaf pattern in the center is an old Japanese motif that is said to ward off evil and represent the good health and growth of children, making it perfect for households with little ones growing up. 

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A Stylish Handcrafted Owari Copper Lamp

Japanese feng shui owari lamp

If there is any space for decoration in the entrance area, a stylish standing lamp is just the thing to add. This is a copper lamp made by craftspeople in Owari (the historic name for western Aichi Prefecture) who specialize in making decorative metal fittings for items used in Buddhist ceremonies. It is adorned with cherry blossom petals, allowing the light to seep out through the space between and cast a warm and gentle glow onto the surrounding space.

This is an item with a highly refined design that will not only boost the positive qi in the entrance area, but also add sophistication and style to the space.

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A Paper Chochin Lantern with Festive Seasonal Design

Japanese front door feng shui paper lantern

These small paper lanterns are made by a long-standing maker of Gifu Chochin, a type of traditional Japanese paper lantern with a long history. They collapse to become flat and are designed to be written on and sent in the post as a gift, although there are plenty of people who purchase them to use as decoration for themselves.

Each lantern is hand painted with various Japanese motifs representing the seasons and comes with a battery-powered led candle, so there's no need to worry about having a power outlet in your entryway.

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Wind Chimes: A Ring a Day Keeps the Evil Away

Wind chimes are popular in Japan for their delightful sound embodying a sense of cool in the hot summers. They are also believed to have the power to ward off evil. Here are some stylish Japanese wind chimes that are recommended to improve the feng shui in your entrance area!

A Standing Wind Chime Crafted by a Japanese Artisan

Japanese feng shui wind chime

This standing wind chime is great for those who don't have a spot to hang a wind chime near the front door. The "umbrella" part of the wind chime is made of Kiyomizu porcelain, with an enchanting design known as "hanakessho" that looks like embossed snowflakes. The porcelain must be fired at precisely controlled temperatures in order for this beautiful snowflake pattern to form. This work of art is a testament to the outstanding skills of the craftspeople involved.

The gentle yet bright tinkle of the wind chime will give your entrance area a comfortable and invigorating feel.

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A Chic Wind Chime for a Western-Style Interior

japanese front door feng shui wind chime sleek

This is a brass wind chime created using traditional crafting techniques in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. Completely reinventing the typical wind chime design, the stylish number is able to seamlessly integrate into both Western and Japanese interiors.

The chime’s sound is distinguished by a pleasant and clear ringing, while the exquisite harmony of the brass makes it extremely effective at warding off evil and misfortune.

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Small Onigawara Wind Chime

japanese feng shui onigawara wind chime

This article mentioned above the traditional onigawara tiles that are believed to ward off evil and thus make good entryway decorations for feng shui. This wind chime is made with a small onigawara head combined with a bell to give double feng shui benefits. 

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Mirrors: Multiply Your Good Luck

Mirrors placed near the front door can help improve one's social standing, fame, and financial fortune. The feng shui effects can differ depending on where the mirror is placed, so be sure to consider the positioning in advance.

Here are some popular Japan-made mirrors to improve your feng shui.

A Table Mirror With a Symmetrical Design


flower vase japanese feng shui

This table mirror boasts a symmetrical design born from the creativity of a Parisian designer. It consists of two lacquered wood panels that are held together with magnets, with the mirror embedded on one side.

This exquisite decoration is fitted with beautifully inlaid "raden" or mother-of-pearl, a traditional craft of Kyoto, giving it the power to utterly transform the atmosphere of your front entrance and making it luckier.

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Pictures and Photographs for a Bit of Extra Luck

Qi can also be improved by hanging photographs and pictures in an "S" shape near the front door. Below are some recommended Japanese feng shui items that can help show off your precious pictures and photographs while increasing your good fortune.

A Modern Japanese Frame to Display Your Photographs

japanese feng shui photo frame

This is a photo frame boasting a modern Japanese feel created using techniques from the traditional Japanese art of Edo kimekomi. Use them to display photos in an “S” shape and improve feng shui while increasing the style factor of your entrance. The photo frame is also adorned with the color of gold, which will improve your financial fortunes.

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A Wall Panel With a Traditional Wave Pattern

Japanese feng shui wall pannel

Kyo Karakami is a decorative paper craft with a history of more than 1,000 years. It is a traditional craft used for interior design, such as on sliding screens and as wallpaper, that was popular during the Edo Period (1603-1868). With a modern yet strictly Japanese design, your home’s entrance will be instantly reinvigorated with the elegance of contemporary Japanese fashion.

The pattern seen here is the traditional Japanese seigaiha wave. Represented by the pattern of never-ending waves, this auspicious motif embodies the wish of eternal peace and happiness for mankind. Since the design itself boasts the lucky wave motif, you can expect a potent feng shui effect just by hanging a single frame.

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Glassware and Flowers That Boost the Qi of Your Home

According to feng shui experts, glassware and flowers should be placed near the front door to improve qi. As flowers emit positive qi and absorb negative qi, they serve to help boost the energy of a house. Below are some recommended glassware and flowers for this very purpose.

A Flower Vase That Creates a Sense of Elegance

Japanese feng shui vase

This Tsugaru vidro glass vase is brightly colored and will instantly enliven even the dullest entrance area. In fact, this vase with flowers is enough alone to add ample brilliance to the entrance and boost household qi.

This incredible item is recommended for those who would rather not have too many things by the front door.

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A Vase Beautiful Enough to Display Without Flowers

Japanese feng shui vase owai

This vase is made by an old company in Nagoya who specializes in the traditional Owari Cloisonne Technique. Outlines of the designs are painstakingly crafted with metal and filled with beautiful colored glass that is fired at high temperature. It is a time-consuming process but results in outstandingly beautiful pieces like this vase, which features a springtime plum blossom motif in vivid colors.

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A Stunning Vase That Only Needs a Single Flower to Work Beautifully

Japanese feng shui single flower vase

This vase is recommended for those who wish to consistently display flowers to improve qi. As just one flower stem is required to make its spiritual effects work, it is relatively easy to keep by the front entrance to your house.

The colorful, lively vase was designed to represent the vigor of Nebuta Matsuri, a major summer festival in Aomori. The wonderful texture of Tsugaru vidro glass and the vase's beautiful hues will substantially brighten up the entrance area even with just one single flower.

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Minimalist  Metal Vase/Incense Holder

Japanese feng shui flower vase

These sleek vases are made by and old Japanese company with expertise in machining metal. Carved from a solid block of aluminum, the unique vases are shaped like the traditional Japanese "kasumi" (haze) pattern that is often seen in old Japanese paintings and fabrics. 

The vases can elegantly hold a single flower, or can be used to hold a stick of incense, making it versatile and ideal to display at the entrance.

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Differing by Direction: Lucky Colors for Front Door Feng Shui

According to feng shui, in addition to lucky items, there are lucky colors that change by direction. The direction of your entrance is the direction you are facing when standing with the front door behind you, so be sure to check which way your front door is facing before purchasing any of these items. Choose the right-colored item for your front door direction!

Here are the lucky colors by direction:

Lucky Colors for North-Facing Front Doors

japanese feng shui dahlia

When the door is facing north, the lucky colors are cream, beige, and pink. China, where feng shui originates, is in the northern hemisphere, so the north is considered to be cold and thus warm colors are thought to improve qi.

Front doors that face northeast are said to have "water qi," just like those facing north. Therefore, the lucky colors are the same (cream, beige, and pink). Fortunes can be improved further by adopting flowered patterns, so consider incorporating these into your entrance area, too.

Lucky Colors for East-Facing Front Doors

japanese feng shui

The east is said to have "tree qi" as it is the direction the sun rises in. The lucky colors to improve one's prospects are blue, ivory, yellow-green, and beige. Tree qi represents vitality, so natural items in the entrance area can further boost positive energy.

Orange and yellow-green are lucky colors when the door is facing southeast. They are bright colors, so you may want to present them in an understated manner, such as by incorporating orange into flowers placed near the front door.

Lucky Colors for South-Facing Front Doors

Japanese Feng Shui hanging plants

South is said to have "fire qi," and the lucky colors to improve one's prospects are off-white and beige. They also go well with greens which represent trees, so try adopting them together for a synergistic effect.

Reds have the danger of enhancing fire qi to dangerous levels and are therefore not recommended. Beware that red in the entrance area can burn up positive qi!

The lucky colors to adopt when the front door is facing southwest are light beige and yellow-green. Yellow is also a lucky color, so it can be adopted as an accent.

Lucky Colors for West-Facing Front Doors

Japanese feng shui flowers

The lucky colors for west-facing doors are yellow, pink, and light blue. Yellows, in particular, can improve financial prospects. Calming colors, such as light blue and white, will work to improve the overall qi.

The lucky colors for northwest are beige and cream. Place luxury items in these colors at the front door to further improve your prospects.

Lastly, Keep Things in the Entrance Area Neat and Clean!

A clean entrance area is an environment that invites positive qi. In contrast, a dirty or messy front area may bring in negative qi, making the secret to effective feng shui to always keep items such as shoes and umbrellas in the entrance area clean and tidy.

Even if you have items that are meant to improve qi in the entrance area, they will not be effective if the surroundings are messy. If you want to improve your prospects and have positive feng shui, be sure to keep everything near the front door clean and tidy at all times so that the positive qi can flow in freely!

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