Hashikura Matsukan Hexagonal Takeno Chopsticks - Precision and Elegance at Your Fingertips

Made by traditional craftsman Yohei Nakata under the long-established Hashikura Matsukan brand, these hexagonal chopsticks have been painstakingly handcrafted, guided by the experience and techniques from generations past.

Functional and Chic Slimness

showing off the super thin tapered ends of the chopsticks

When we saw them for the first time, we were struck by their extremely slender profile. Japanese chopsticks have always been slimmer than their Korean or Chinese counterparts as the Japanese used to—and still do—eat a lot of fish. These chopsticks, however, were thinner than any other pair of Japanese chopsticks we had ever seen in our lives. Just look at how thin the tips are in the above photo!

lifting a sesame seed up with the chopsticks

According to Hashikura Matsukan, this skinniness makes the chopsticks adept at grabbing delicate foods such as the wafer-thin bones of fish. Indeed, we were able to easily pick up a single sesame seed when trying them out, which is a feat that’s difficult to do with normal Japanese chopsticks.

It also makes them practically unnoticeable when put in the mouth, allowing you to fully take in the flavor and texture of everything you eat.

The Perks of Bamboo

chopsticks resting on a plate

Some may see “slender” or “thin” and think low quality, but these lightweight chopsticks felt sturdy and strong.

lifting a cherry by the stem with chopsticks

This is because they are made of bamboo - specifically, high-quality Moso bamboo from Sanuki, Kagawa Prefecture. Bamboo is prized for its pliant and tough nature, and we realized that for ourselves when we successfully and easily lifted up a large cherry by the stem with them!

In addition to the aforementioned qualities, bamboo is also odorless, resistant to heat, and can be sourced sustainably in Japan.

Why Hexagon?

showing off the fatter ends of the chopsticks

We were also drawn to the chopsticks’ hexagonal shape. Though not the typical shape that jumps to mind when you picture traditional Japanese chopsticks, this six-sided design requires incredible advanced skills to create. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, we found that the shape helped prevent slippage, making the chopsticks easy and comfortable to hold.

Purchase Your Own Pair!

women's chopsticks
men's chopsticks

You can buy them separately or as a set. The red pair measures 21.5 centimeters long and fit perfectly in our female tester’s small hands. The other brown pair measures 23.5 centimeters in length and was a good fit for our male tester’s larger hands.

We believe they’d make great gifts, whether it be to a loved one or yourself.

Click here to buy the red pair (21.5 cm)
Click here to buy the brown pair (23.5 cm)
Click here to buy the set

About Hashikura Matsukan

With chopsticks being a staple of the Japanese kitchen, there are many brands to choose from. That being said, few are as fine as Hashikura Matsukan, which has been perfecting their craft since 1922. Based in Fukui Prefecture, they are dedicated to preserving the traditional and local Wakasa lacquerware craft. At the same time, they constantly challenge what is possible, embracing the spirit of innovation.

Each pair of chopsticks made by Hashikura Matsukan is painstakingly handcrafted by local artisans, and that includes the lacquer painting, giving each pair of chopsticks a truly unique look. All their chopsticks are also made from domestically-produced materials.

By purchasing a Hashikura Matsukan product, you will be investing in an item that will last as well as impress.

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