Kagami Crystal - Creating Stunning Edo Kiriko Masterpieces

“Edo” is the old name for Tokyo and “Kiriko” means “cut glass,” and as the name suggests, Edo Kiriko is a traditional Japanese craft from Tokyo.

Kagami Crystal, a brand that was established in Tokyo almost 100 years ago, is one of the leading producers of Edo Kiriko. Now based in the neighboring Ibaraki Prefecture, their workshop produces handmade masterpieces that have even been provided to the prime minister’s official residence and Akasaka Palace.

Although they have caught the eye of some of the most prestigious people in Japan, Kagami Crystal’s works of art are still available to anyone who appreciates their delicate, timeless beauty. Check out some of our Kagami Crystal favorites below!

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[Rocks Glass] Bamboo and Chrysanthemum Pattern | Kagami Crystal

Kagami Crystal Chrysanthemum

Although this transparent glass may appear simple without Edo Kiriko’s signature colored glass coating, the bottom half of the glass is decorated with an incredibly intricate lattice design called “kiku tsunagimon,” which is known as one of the most difficult patterns in the Edo Kiriko craft. No matter which way the glass is turned, the cuts make it sparkle like a diamond!

Kagami Crystal Chrysanthemum

The clear glass allows the color of the drink poured into it to be perfectly visible, accentuating the stunning pattern. The bottom is also quite unique, with the glass standing on three beautifully carved arches. We were very pleased the the cuts allowed us to feel like we were comfortably gripping the glass as well!

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[Sake Cup Set] Red and Blue Starry Sky Pattern | Kagami Crystal

Kagami Crystal sake cup set

The design on these cups is inspired by shooting stars, and the masterful cuts even make them twinkle like stars. The mesmerizing design wrapping around the cups drew our eyes all over, and we couldn’t stop turning them in our hands!

Kagami Crystal sake cup set

While small and dainty, these sake cups certainly have a dignified air and are sure to elevate your Japanese sake experience. We’re sure you’ll find yourself treasuring every sip from these tiny masterpieces!

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[Rocks Glass] Bamboo Stem Pattern | Kagami Crystal

Kagami Crystal Bamboo

This glass perfectly represents its inspiration: bamboo. The gentle green color is quite nice on the eyes, and the defined cuts certainly resemble strong bamboo. We were quite impressed by this beautiful yet simple design, as it offers a nice contrast to Kagami Crystal’s other, more whimsical patterns.

Kagami Crystal Bamboo

The green adds a refreshing tone to the beverage poured inside of it, and the clear cuts still allow the color of the drink to shine through. Rather than make this glass sparkle, the cuts instead help it shine, offering a mature, sophisticated feel.

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The Most Popular Kagami Crystal Glass on BECOS!

[Rocks Glass] Hydrangea Pattern | Kagami Crystal

Kagami Crystal Hydrangea

We are not surpised at all that this is the most popular Kagami Crystal Glass on BECOS, as the circular pattern not only perfectly represent its hydrangea inspiration, but also gives it a modern flare. Being able to see the pattern on the other side of the glass through the circles is almost kaleidescope-like and is absolutely captivating!

Perfect for all kinds of beverages, the cuts allow the glass to fit snugly in the hand and is a beautiful addition to any shelf.

Kagami Crystal’s most popular design here

Shopping Kagami Crystal is the perfect way to own a traditional Japanese masterpiece. Check them out now to find the one that speaks to you!

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