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IKEHIKO Mosuke UchioMosuke Uchio

Enjoy a relaxing yoga time while being surrounded by the scent of rush!

We responded to the voice saying, "When you spread the yoga mat in the room, the smell of rubber fills up and it is painful."

By adopting TPE on the back side, the grip with the floor surface has been improved and the softness has also been improved.

The rush on the surface is also processed to be non-slip, improving usability.

Although it is a little bigger than the tatami yoga series, it weighs 1.1 to 1.2 kg and is convenient to carry.

It is also recommended as an interior mat for those who want to experience the deodorant, sterilizing, and relaxing effects of rush.


Manufacturer IKEHIKO
Country of origin Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Technique Tatami
Material Japanese rush, TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) 3mm
Size 25.98" * 72.83"(66.0*185.0cm)
Weight 2.43 lbs(1100g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment Please make sure to wipe the "igusa" (the woven rush) side with dry cloth before first use. Laundry: X Wipe cloth: 〇
Note Wipe the grass dry before use.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


TATAMI × KIWAMI (extreme・acquire)


  • 1886
  • Tatami Weaver Toshiyuki , Ichiro , Ken Dyeing craftsman Hiroshi , Kengo&nbsp


130 years since its establishment, making Tatami using top grade rushs in Japan

In 1886, Hikotaro Ikegami first established Tatami sales in Fukuoka Prefecture, and since that 130 years ago, we have continued to make tatami stuck to quality by thoroughly using high quality grass from Kyushu.

In 2012 we began our own cultivation of "Rush".

As the production volume of "Rush" in Japan decreases, in order to inherit the herbal and tatami culture that continues from ancient times in Japan, we are developing products using our own "Rush".

We cultivate our own "Rush" while reaping it, we will commercialize it with no processing.

Therefore, there are features such as natural texture and soft touch are smooth and soft.


Make the finest Tatami mats pursuing the fusion of traditional technology and design

A tatami series of "HIKOTARO" carefully selected Japanese rush, which is long and has a long, length of 136 cm or more, which does not include 1% of raw material harvest.

Because it uses rush of undyed soil which is not dyed, it has shiny and very smooth texture.

In addition, it is the highest class tatami brand that uses rush two to three times as much as conventional products, woven into 4 and 6 layers, pursuing durability and stepping feel.

Also, a tatami brand "D.

STYLE" series filled with freedom and new breath, collaborated with "Kaihara" with high technology and creativity.

Cotton 100% sticking to quality thoroughly by thoroughly sticking to quality by integrally producing high quality rush from Kyushu processed from hiba of Aomori extracted with high antimicrobial hiba essence and dyeing · woven fabric · sewing process from spinning We are developing original tatami brands sticking to high quality, such as innovative tatami series that combined "Kaihara Denim" made from natural materials.

For Customers

To inherit Tatami culture to the next generation

We produce Rush one by one in our company and produce tatami one by one by hand.

The taste of tatami mattress which selects the domestic Rush of the highest class, achieves high quality with precise weaving, and increases to such an extent that it can be used is the essence of a rare carpet rug (tatami) with high rarity value.

Change the place of rest for everyone to a comfortable air.

A warm warmth of nature enriches the temporary period.

Tatami connects people's heart and mind in the middle of their lives.

Make the ultimate tatami matters, the ultimate hospitality to our valued customers.

Tatami pieces one by one, handmade with feeling so that it becomes an irreplaceable attachment item, we will inherit the "Tatami" culture to the next generation.