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When many people think about Japanese lanterns, the ones you see hanging in front of Japanese pubs and at festivals usually come to mind, but there are actually many more types in Japan. In ancient times, candles were used to illuminate the lanterns, but as those were major fire hazards, nowadays most are lit with electric lights and have modern designs. This article will introduce some carefully-selected Japanese lanterns that can be bought online. We have scored them based on price, material, design, and ease of use.

1. Japanese Lantern Oriental Nightstand Lamp (Bamboo Leaf (Dimmable))

Source: Amazon.com

Score: ★★★☆☆

A bamboo Japanese lantern. It might not have actually been made in Japan, but it is beautifully decorated with bamboo leaves and gives off a wonderfully warm glow. The presence of even one of these can greatly change the atmosphere of a room, so it is certainly a must-have for interior design enthusiasts. The price is also quite reasonable.

Size: H12” (30.5 cm), L6” (15.24 cm), W6” (15.24 cm)
Variations: Bamboo Leaf (Dimmable) / Flower (Dimmable)

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2. Disturbed Kumiko Lantern Hemp Leaf | Kumiko

Source: BECOS

Score: ★★★★★

This high-quality, masterpiece of a lantern is made in Japan and is made mostly of Akita cedar, with the “kumiko” latticework added by delicate craftsmanship. It is decorated with an ancient Japanese “Asa no Ha” hexagonal pattern, with the light beautifully spilling out from the negative space. This can practically be considered a piece of artwork, with the materials and techniques easily justifying the price.

Size: W8.26" x D8.26" x H8.85" (W21 cm x D21 cm x H22.5cm)
Material: Akita cedar, waterproofing
Brand: Ominato Bunkichi Shoten (Kumiko)

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3. Paper Lantern Ice Plum | Kyo Karakami

Source: BECOS

Score: ★★★★☆

This lantern is called “Kori Ume,” or “Ice Plum,” representing the pattern printed onto thick Japanese paper made from mulberry trees. The design shows plum blossoms fallen onto cracks in the ice, hence the name. It does not give off the usual warm glow that is unique to lanterns, but it is still a top-quality piece that is perfect as an interior decoration. It is certain to be a stunning decoration for any living room.

Size: 8.26" * 9.44" * 9.84" (21 cm * 24 cm * 25 cm)
Variations: Ice Plum / Matsukarakusa Enshu-dansu / Matsukarakusa
Brand: Kyo Karakami (Maruni)

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