【NEW ARRIVAL】Hiroyuki Kikuta|Kaga Yuzen

Kaga Yuzen developed about 300 years ago when Miyazaki Yuzensai, a popular fan painter in Kyoto, moved to Kanazawa and devised a novel technique.

Kaga Yuzen is Based on five natural colors called Kaga Gosai , and painted picturesque patterns such as realistic flowers and grasses.

I, Hiroyuki Kikuta, became independent in 2001 after studying under Kaga Yuzen artist Satoshi Maekawa. I have been carrying on the tradition of Kaga Yuzen with the same process as in the past, taking a lot of time and effort.

And now, I have created small items with heart-warming designs, while maintaining the kimono technique and adding a sense of fun and playfulness to the process.

We hope that you will enjoy the highest quality handicrafts that Japan is proud of in your daily life.


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