We at MORI TOKI have been carrying on the traditional techniques of Otani ware for over 100 years since our establishment in the town of Oma, Naruto City, Tokushima Prefecture.

One of the traditional techniques of Otani ware is "Nerokuro," which is used to produce large pieces of pottery.

This is a very rare traditional technique that can only be seen at MORI TOKI and one other Otani pottery production site.

In addition, MORI TOKI not only produces large pottery items, but also small items such as daily necessities using traditional techniques and new ideas.

For example, a deep blue flat plate that evokes a sense of the universe that only Tokushima Prefecture, which is famous for its indigo, can produce, a modern chic black serving bowl made of local potter's clay that contains a lot of iron, and a vase that has both matte and enamel textures by the way the glaze is applied.

Please take a look at the vessels that will add color to your life.

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