In the late Edo period, porcelain production in the country of Awa (Tokushima Prefecture) got off to a rocky start.

We kept the fire going in the kiln, which had once almost gone out, relearned the techniques of pottery making from scratch, and procured the materials for the pottery from the local area. The result was the creation of Otani ware that has been passed down to the present day.

We, UMEZATO GAMA, inherit the traditional techniques of Otani ware and produce vessels and figurines using various ceramic techniques.

The Ultimate Series coffee cup, which fulfills all of the six points that make our customers happy: lightness, ease of holding, capacity of the vessel, heat retention, mouth feel, and storage, is the best vessel that you will never be without again.

Our rice bowl series is designed to fit the lifestyles of each family and each generation, which have changed diversely with the changing times. The size and depth of the bowl and the roundness of the teacup fit comfortably in the palm of the user.

Please take a look at the vessels that will please you not only for your own use, but also as gifts.

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