【NEW ARRIVAL】Onigawara Iemori|Sanshu Onigawara Crafts
ONIGAWARA IEMORI is a manufacturer of onigawara indoor interiors based on the concept of "Onigawara, the guardian deity, for all living spaces.

To carry on the history and tradition of Onigawara, Sanshu Tile's Onigawara Iemori manufactures " ONIGAWARA IEMORI", which allows Onigawara to be placed indoors as an interior product.

Onigawara Iemori" protects the inhabitants from inside the house, and no matter how the shape of the house changes in the future, Onigawara Iemori will play a role as a "guardian deity" in all living spaces.

Now, "KIGAN-MORI" has been added to the lineup, which can be worn around the body as a more familiar good luck charm.

We introduce items that are made by onigawara craftsmen with all their hearts, and are recommended as gifts.

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