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Evolved the Ogre mask from outdoor to indoors

Shinto Company

  • 1963
  • Sanshu Onigawara Crafts
  • Tatsuya Ishikawa


Three major manufacturers of Ogre mask in Sanshu

In September 1963, Shinto Red Light Truck Co., Ltd.

(changed its name to Shinto Co., Ltd.

in January 1995) was established.

Our company has been recognized as three major manufacturers in the Sanju area.

Originally we were only manufacturing and selling red tiles, but now we are manufacturing almost all shapes of roof tiles, western tiles and flat roof tiles and commonly used tiles .

We have "our only one" as our basic philosophy and constantly challenge new initiatives to meet the needs of the times.

We are also focusing on developing the latest technologies such as "environmental tiles" and "tile-integrated photovoltaic power generation system".

In addition, as a new challenge this time, we also developed nine of Sanshu states Onishi (craftsmen who make ogre mask) and the interior goods "Onigawara Iemori" using the turtle.

We are spreading the turtle that can be used in the house so that we can become powerful for the succession of culture called "Onishi" at the crisis of business decline.


The only occupation in the world, onigawara craftspeople "Onishi"

【What is Orge mask】

It is a tile that has the role of exorting the evil evidence at home and protecting the family living there.

"Onigawara Iemori" also feels like Onishi gives souls, carefully finishing, refining the disaster of the people who live.

【What is Onishi】

Orge mask is an "amulet" that protects houses and families, and it is a "guardian".

"Onishi" is the only occupation in the world that can produce its Orge mask by traditional recipe, it is the title of a proud artisan.

For Customers

"Protective gods・Onigawara (Ogre mask)" in every living space

【Development history】

Currently, in Sanshu area, the successor of the ogre mask creator "Onishi" is missing.

This is due to the dramatic reduction of residential roofs that can carry ogre mask due to diversification of housing style.

So, in order to inherit the history and tradition of Onishi, we recruited Onishi 9 people in Sanshu area, and we launched 'Onigawara Iemori', which can be placed in the interior as a decorative tile which had been on the roof until now, It developed


Based on the concept of "Protective god · Ogre mask" in all living spaces, we have produced the interior goods of this time.

As an interior item, "Onigawara Iemori" that protects people living in the house is an Ogre mask that plays a role as a "guardian" in every living space no matter how the shape of the house changes in the future.

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