【NEW ARRIVAL】SUEHIRODO | Nagoya folding fan

While Kyoto folding fans specialize in glittering designs such as dancing fans and ladies' folding fans, Nagoya folding fans have developed into more austere designs such as celebratory fans and gentlemen's folding fans.

They make a wide variety of fans, from fans for celebrations to those for daily use.

It is made by dividing up the manufacturing process so that professionals in each process are involved in the production. And all made by hand.

The crystal of skilled craftsmanship is the SUEHIRODO folding fan.

If you are going to choose a fan as a gift for someone special, you will want to be particular not only about the design, but also about the material, the way it is made, and the thought that goes into it.

We will introduce you to the best products made with reliable techniques that will meet your feeling.

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