Japanese modern water bottle (red) designed by Urushi lacquer

The pop red color with silver lacquer pattern is a gem! The design of the bottle itself is a pattern that has been handed down in Japan from ancient times, but the reason why it feels somewhat new is because it is a collaboration product with Thermomag. The slim shape of the water bottle makes it a versatile item that goes with you on any occasion, from a short trip to business, and its moderate capacity of 300 ml is also a secret to its ease of use.

Water bottle created through collaboration between Echizen lacquerware and ThermoMag

Bottle Feature 1

Innovative Encounter of Echizen Lacquerware and Thermomag

Echizen lacquerware, a traditional craft of Fukui Prefecture with a 1,500-year history, collaborated with Thermomag, a kitchenware brand created in Japan in 2000, to produce this Urushi umbrella bottle.

In addition to the high heat and cold retention properties of the vacuum double-layer construction, and the durability and shock resistance of stainless steel, the Thermomag boasts high basic product performance, and the Echizen lacquerware technique is used to create this uniquely original water bottle with a graceful pattern. This product, which matches modern lifestyles, is imbued with the idea of "living together with lacquer.

As the name "Umbrella Bottle" suggests, its main feature is that it is easy to carry anywhere, just like a folding umbrella.

A modern Japanese water bottle with a silver lacquer pattern that stands out against the red

Bottle Feature 2

Silver lacquer pattern that stands out against the red

The bottle body is based on a bright red color. The entire bottle is decorated with a pattern in silver lacquer. The lacquered pattern is slightly thicker than the rest of the bottle, and you can feel its fullness when you touch it with your hand.

The "Takarazukushi" on this bottle is an auspicious pattern of lucky charms. It has been depicted on kimonos, obis, and other Japanese clothing, tableware, and various other items for celebration.

The pattern itself has been handed down in Japan since ancient times, but it is the combination of the thermomag that gives it a somewhat new feel. The random arrangement of each pattern is also a cute design with a sense of omission.

Versatile water bottle for any occasion

Bottle Feature 3

Versatile item that can be used for any occasion

With its lean shape, this umbrella bottle is a versatile item that can accompany you on any occasion, whether you are going out for a short trip or on business.

It can be carried in a man's business bag or even a woman's small bag as long as there is a little space. Even when used in the office, etc., it gives an elegant and mature impression that accentuates your individuality.

Lacquer water bottle of a size that fits comfortably in the hand and is easy to carry around

Bottle Detail 1

Comfortable to hold in the hand and easy to carry around

The bottle is 23 cm tall, shorter than a large folding umbrella for men and slightly longer than a 500 ml plastic bottle. Its diameter is a slender 5 cm, and even a woman's hand is large enough to grasp it with one hand.

With a capacity of 300 ml, it can hold a drink about the size of a large mug. It is very useful when you do not need that much but want to carry around a few drinks.

It can of course be used not only when going out, but also when spending time at home relaxing with a warm coffee or cold drink while maintaining its temperature.

Lacquer water bottle characterized by the ease of opening the lid and high sealing performance for immediate drinking

Bottle Detail 2

Easy to drink right after opening the lid and highly airtight

When the lid of the bottle is opened, there is no inner lid and the drinking spout is wide open. This makes it possible to drink immediately without any hassle, so there is no stress while on the move, for example.

In addition, a large rubber gasket is installed on the lid to ensure a tight seal and prevent drinks from leaking inside the bag.

This item is also easy to use for those who often travel by train or drive a car.

Lacquer water bottles with auspicious designs(kisho monyo) make excellent gifts.

Give an Umbrella Bottle

Bottles with auspicious designs (kisho monyo) are also recommended as gifts.

The Urushi Umbrella Bottle is decorated with a congratulatory pattern and is recommended as a gift for various celebrations. It is a perfect gift for any occasion, such as birthdays, promotions, employment, enrollment, and longevity celebrations. The most important point is that it is highly practical, which makes it a great gift. Furthermore, the fact that this product makes use of the lacquerware culture that has been nurtured over many years in Japan makes it very special.

The bottle comes with an instruction manual for Echizen lacquerware as well as an instruction manual for Thermo Mug, so people who have never used lacquerware before can use it with peace of mind. The leaflet is also written in English, making it a good gift for people overseas.

BECOS offers many original wrapping designs using Japanese paper, furoshiki, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer a service in which you can type the text you wish to convey on a message card. We hope you will make this a gift that conveys your feelings.

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