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New traditional crafts create by the founders of Fukui Seven Crafts of Samurai


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  • Yuma Kumamoto



Meeting craftsmen in Sabae

I was working at a trading company that handles materials for eyeglasses in Sabae, which is Japan's number one producer of eyeglasses.

At that time, we co-developed “Sabae Mimi Kaki” with a company called Cement Produce, which applied materials and processing technology for glasses.

It sold a total of 40,000 books in five years, and received a great response, such as winning the "Good Design Award".

Then, I gathered seven young craftsmen of traditional arts designated in Fukui and launched "Fukui Seven Crafts of Samurai."

I am developing products that make use of traditional craftsmanship techniques.

These activities have come to be featured in various media such as the dawn of Gaia.



Collaboration of Echizen lacquer ware and Thermo mag

The item we developed this time is a lacquer item that has a unique history of being a buyer of the HMV Japan Shibuya store, and that we are collaborating with the hottest Echizen lacquerware crafter “Naoto Tsuchida” and “Thermo mug”.

With the concept of carrying lacquer, we propose tumblers, umbrella bottles, business card holders, etc.

I want to feel Japan while touching lacquer daily, I want you to enjoy the texture of lacquer, I created with such a thought.


For Customers

Contributing to the community through manufacturing

I will add designs and ideas that suit the age to protect old traditional crafts and local industries.

By doing so, we were able to manufacture things that meet the needs of our customers, and were also able to receive the Good Design Award.

There is still a lot of room for ingenuity in Japanese traditional crafts.

Together with the seven Samurai who challenge new craftsmanship, we will continue to contribute to the manufacturing of local Fukui.






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