Japanese modern Ko-Imari arranged in a modern style

It is a beautiful dish that can be the star of the dining table. This is a dish that generously demonstrates the traditional technique of Ko-Imari, but the exquisite balance of the patterns gives it a somewhat modern feel. It can be used not only with Japanese dishes, but also with Western dishes and snacks for dinner without difficulty. It is also recommended as a dish for entertaining.

A graceful plate with a modern arrangement of Ko-Imari

Plate Feature 1

A graceful plate with a modern arrangement of Ko-Imari

Ko-Imari is a type of Arita porcelain and refers to the gorgeous porcelain fired in the Edo period. Many Ko-Imari porcelains are painted and decorated gorgeously with gold and red, and many of them are highly valued as antiques.

This dish is a modern version of the Ko-Imari style, with colors and patterns arranged while preserving traditional techniques. This is an original product produced by the Hasami-ware pottery Rinkurou Kiln.

The beautiful colors and patterns are easy to match with modern dining tables and create a luxurious coordinated look.

Beautiful Ko-Imari plate with the contrast of elegant red color and gold decoration.

Plate Feature 2

The contrast between the moist and elegant crimson color and gold ornaments

On a pure white porcelain base, the patterns in shades of red and gold are beautifully spread over the entire dish. The sense of luxury, yet not heavy, and the ease of use that makes it suitable for any kind of serving is due to the gorgeous and gorgeous Ko-Imari style arranged in a modern way.

The rim of the dish is decorated with silverware, which gives the whole image a crisp and tight look. Up close, you can see how carefully the painting has been done. The handiwork of a craftsman with excellent skills is put to good use on this dish. Because all the processes are done by hand, even the same dish will have a slightly different texture, which is one of the charms of this one-of-a-kind product.

Ko-Imari style plate that can serve everything beautifully

Plate Feature 3

They can serve everything beautifully!

Although Ko-Imari itself is purely Japanese, the gentle colors and beautifully wavy shape of this dish add a modern impression to the Japanese atmosphere. Therefore, this dish is characterized by the fact that it can be easily matched with any kind of food. It can be used not only with Japanese dishes, but also with Western dishes and snacks for dinner without difficulty.

Matching it with a Western-style item gives it a slightly retro look, making it very stylish. Since the plate itself has an elegant presence, it can also be used as a vessel for entertaining.

Easy-to-use size and deep shape

Detail of plate 1

Easy-to-use size and deep shape

The diameter of the dish is approximately 18 cm, making it an easy-to-use size for everyday cooking, such as serving salads or stewed dishes. You can serve a small amount of food on the plate and enjoy the blank space, or you can serve a large amount of food in a bold manner and it will look delicious.

The petal-like shape and good depth make it suitable for use with soupy dishes. It can be used not only as a serving dish but also as a slightly larger plate, so it is recommended to have several of them or to have them in different colors.

The name of the kiln is also neatly written on the back of the plate.

Plates in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, so you'll want to have more than one.

Detail of plate 2

You'll want to have more than one! Choice of sizes and colors

In addition to the 18 cm diameter "Subaru" plate, there is also a smaller 15 cm diameter "Satsuki" plate by Rinkurou Kiln. We recommend choosing the 18 cm plate if you want to use it mainly as a serving plate, and the 15 cm plate if you want to use it as a serving plate or a small plate. The patterns on the plates of Satsuki and Pleiades are also different, so you can choose according to your preference.

In addition to the red, indigo and moegi colors are also available. All of the colors are gorgeous, but the gentle tones make them easy to match with your existing dishes. Using several plates together will add even more color to your dining table.

Dishes with a touch of Japanese culture make great gifts!

Give a plate as a gift

Dishes with a touch of Japanese culture make great gifts!

These plates, which make use of the Ko-Imari technique unique to Japan, are recommended not only for home use but also as gifts for your loved ones. It would be a gift for those who are particular about tableware or for families who like to enjoy a leisurely meal.

The enclosed instruction manual is also written in English, so it is recommended as a gift for a foreigner.

BECOS offers many original wrapping designs using Japanese paper, furoshiki, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer the service of typing the text you wish to convey on a message card. We hope you will make this a thoughtful gift, picturing the smile on the recipient's face when he or she holds it in their hands.

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