Soothing fragrance! Moisturizing natural shampoo with Wakan extracts

No conditioner or rinse, just this one moisturizer! The natural shine and silky feeling continues the next morning. Recommended for those who want to maintain healthy skin. 96% plant-derived ingredients make it great for everyone from adults to children. The pleasant fragrance also makes bath time more enjoyable.

Shampoo with 96% naturally derived ingredients

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Shampoo with 96% naturally derived ingredients

Shampoo from ANBAN, a series of skin care items using Japanese and Chinese plants. Free of parabens, synthetic fragrances and dyes, UV absorbers, mineral oil, petroleum surfactants, and alcohol.

Since 96% of the ingredients are derived from natural sources, even those with sensitive skin can use this shampoo with confidence. The power of nature in this shampoo will lead you to your original healthy scalp.

Shampoo with the power of 25 kinds of Japanese and Chinese extracts

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The Power of 25 Kinds of Japanese and Chinese Extracts

The shampoo contains 25 kinds of Japanese and Chinese extracts. Each drop of the Japanese and Chinese extracts is extracted slowly over time without heat treatment. This shampoo is truly filled with the "power of nature itself.

One of the included Wakan extracts is Taison, a herbal medicine made from dried jujube fruits. It is rich in minerals, vitamins, and saponins, and its extract is used as a moisturizing ingredient. Ukon is well-known for its alcohol-dissolving effects, but it actually has excellent cosmetic properties as well. It keeps the scalp healthy.

In addition, it also contains various other Japanese and Chinese extracts, such as ginseng extract, arch choke leaf extract, and soybean seed extract, which help balance the skin.

Natural shampoo that does not require rinse

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No rinse needed! Recommended for

ANBAN shampoo is recommended for people with these problems

・Lack of body to the hair
・Scalp has no airiness.
・My hair is flat.
・I don't like the stickiness of rinse on my skin.
・I want to take a bath in less time.

It is recommended for people with rather frizzy hair, people who want to give their hair healthy body and bounce, and people who want to make it easy with just one shampoo since no rinse is required.

Shampoo with a silky but firm feel

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Feels silky smooth but also firm.

The shampoo is a light, low viscosity liquid. To use, first pre-wash hair thoroughly with warm water to remove dirt. After taking the shampoo in your hands and applying it to the skin, a lather is immediately created which you massage into the skin with your fingers.

There was no squeaking while washing, and the lather was rich and smooth. The water is also very clean, so the hair can be washed smoothly. Even without a rinse, the finish is moist. However, there is no stickiness.

After towel drying, dry hair thoroughly from the roots with a hair dryer and apply heat to create a natural shine to the hair. The next day, your hair will feel as shiny and silky to the touch as it did the day you rinsed and conditioned it, just by combing it.

Gently scented shampoo with a touch of nature

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Gentle fragrance with a sense of nature

The shampoo is scented with bay laurel (laurel) and lavender, both of which are included in the ingredients. Many people are familiar with bay leaves, as they are often used in stewed dishes.

It is a natural aroma with various elements, such as a woody, herbal, and slightly citrusy aroma. The fresh scent of lavender is added to this, giving it a very pleasant aroma.

The scent of laurel is said to relax and stimulate blood flow, while lavender is said to stabilize the mind, making daily bath time a healing experience.

Simple and stylish packaging

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Simple and stylish packaging

The cleansing oil contains 250 g. It is very economical because it can be used alone without rinse or conditioner.

The simple and slim bottle design makes it easy to place in the bathroom.

The packaging, which is white in color, also has a luxurious and clean feel. There are no instructions, and all the features and instructions for use are written directly on the box so that they are clearly visible when the box is opened, and the lack of waste is also a nice touch.

Shampoo that can be given as a gift to any gender or age.

Shampoo as a gift

Gifts for all genders and ages

Kyo-LOCO's ANBAN series shampoo is gentle on the skin, even for people with sensitive skin. Therefore, it can be given as a gift to both men and women, and can also be used by children together.

Please give this shampoo full of the power of nature to someone who is a naturalist or someone who is particular about nature. They will surely appreciate it.

BECOS also offers modern Japanese wrapping using Japanese paper, furoshiki, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer the service of typing the text you wish to convey on a message card. Please make your gift memorable while envisioning the smile of the recipient.