Squalane oil for skin moisturizing, hair care and nail care

This oil can be used for a variety of purposes, from moisturizing after cleansing to nail oil and hair oil. It is light and comfortable to use, and its high penetrating power makes it an item you will want to use every day. Unlike most cleansing oils, it can be used while the skin is wet for higher penetration!

100% plant-derived squalane oil

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100% plant-derived squalane oil

Squalane oil from ANBAN, a series of skincare items using Japanese and Chinese plants. Squalane is an ingredient made from squalene, which is found in olive nuts.

Squalane is an ingredient originally contained in human sebum, so it does not irritate the skin and is safe to use. 100% of ANBAN's squalane oil is derived from olive seeds. You can feel the blessings of nature in this item.

Squalane oil with excellent permeation and skin beautifying effects

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Excellent permeation and skin beautifying effects

Squalane oil has a high affinity with the skin and smoothly penetrates into the body. Supplementing with squalane prevents imbalance of sebum and keeps the skin moisturized. By doing so, it is also expected to prevent skin problems, wrinkles and blemishes.

Squalane, which is produced by the body, gradually becomes a phenomenon in the skin after peaking around age 25, so it is recommended to incorporate it to maintain a healthier moisturizing effect and barrier function.

The higher the purity of squalane oil, the less susceptible it is to oxidation and UV rays, and the less irritating it is to the skin.

Versatile squalane oil for a variety of uses

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Versatile item for a variety of uses

In addition to face and décolleté, squalane oil can be used on fingertips as nail oil or in the hair as hair oil.

It is very useful to have one when dryness is a concern. It is also compact in size, so you can slip it into a pouch or other container and use it on the go. It is great to be able to use it quickly on the go or at the office.

How to use squalane oil

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Key points for effective use of oil

There is a key to using squalane oil more effectively. That is, it penetrates better when used when the skin is damp or wet. After cleansing, apply the oil when the skin is wet with toner or moisturizing cream.

If you want to use only one oil after cleansing your face, blend it into the skin while the skin is wet with hot water, etc., so that it mixes with moisture.

You can feel it penetrate more deeply by using the warmth of your hands to gently hold it down and blend it in.

Squalane oil with a light texture and soothing scent

Squalane oil details2

Smooth texture and soothing fragrance

The texture of squalane oil is characterized by its surprisingly light and light weight. It is more stretchy and less sticky than most oils.

The lid of the container is a dropper, which makes it easy to use only the necessary amount.

The aroma is ANBAN's original blend. It is an exquisite blend of lavender, geranium, and rosewood. It is a full aroma that is not harsh, but gives a strong lingering scent to the sense of smell. It has a relaxing effect on the body by reducing irritability, so you will be glad to feel richer in terms of your feelings every time you use the oil.

Squalane oil is a great gift because of its versatile uses

Squalane oil as a gift

They're appreciated for their versatile use!

Squalane oil from the Kyo-LOCO ANBAN series is a great gift for women of all ages. Since it can be used for nails and hair in addition to skin, the secret to its success is that the recipient can use it in her own way.

It is recommended for special occasions such as birthdays and Mother's Day, as well as for return gifts and small gifts. It will surely be appreciated by natural women and those who are particular about cosmetics.

BECOS also offers modern Japanese wrapping using Japanese paper, furoshiki, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer the service of typing the text you wish to convey on a message card. Please make your gift memorable while envisioning the smile of the recipient.