Resilient lather envelops the skin! Yuzu Fragrance Natural Soap (set of 5)

Refreshing yet not greasy! The elastic lather gently envelops the skin. After use, the skin feels softer and the tone of the skin seems to have improved by one level. The yuzu fragrance is also very natural and gentle, and is recommended for those who do not like artificial fragrances. 5-pack sets can be used by the whole family, and are recommended as congratulatory or return gifts.

Natural soap with more than 90% natural ingredients

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More than 90% natural ingredients

"Waeka" soap, a skincare series using gentle plant-derived ingredients. It is free of synthetic surfactants, synthetic preservatives, preservatives, foaming agents, and mineral oil, and 91% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

The word "Waeka" comes from the Japanese word "Aeka," which means "fragile and beautiful. It was created with the intention of helping to bring out the beauty and modesty that is uniquely Japanese and Kyoto-like, by blending yuzu aroma oil from Mizuo, Kyoto.

It can be used regardless of age or skin condition, and any user can achieve "simple, high-quality skin care.

Soap made with a painstaking cold process method

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Painstaking cold process manufacturing method

This soap is made without adding heat to the ingredients using the cold process method. Since heat does not destroy active ingredients such as natural ingredients and beauty ingredients, high-quality beauty can be incorporated directly into the soap.

The manufacturing process also produces glycerin, a natural moisturizing ingredient, which can be used as it is without removing it, making it hypoallergenic to the skin. The result is a smooth and moist wash.

The soap itself has a slightly raw color. You can also feel the brownish bumps because of the natural ingredients used. Since it is full of beauty ingredients and gentle on the skin, it is great for people with delicate skin.

Natural soap for those who are concerned about hardness and cracked dry skin.

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For people who are concerned about hardness and cracked dry skin.

This soap is rich in the blessings of plants and oils. It is made based on two types of oil: coconut oil, which produces a lather, and palm oil, which is resistant to oxidation.

For example, soybean seed extract, which is included as an extract, is made from black soybeans grown in Tanba, Kyoto. Soybeans contain isoflavones, saponins, proteins, and vitamins. It has a moisturizing effect and leads to moisturized and elastic skin.

Fragrant yuzu from Mizuo, Kyoto, which is also used as the main aroma. Yuzu peel extract and yuzu peel oil contain ceramide, which keeps the skin moist. In addition, only carefully selected ingredients such as silk and honey from Kyoto are used.

Natural soap with elastic lather

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Resilient foam envelopes the skin

First of all, when you open the package, you will find a very soft and gentle scent of yuzu. The fragrance is not artificial or harsh to the nose, so there is a sense of relief.

Using a net to lather the soap, a generous lather is immediately created. The texture of the foam is firm and elastic and does not disappear quickly while washing the face. You can spread the lather to all corners.

After washing, the skin feels moisturized but not sticky. It leaves the skin moist and pleasantly cleansed, and it feels as if the skin has been softened and its tone has been raised one level.

Natural soap in a cute and neat Kyoto-like package.

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Cute and neat package typical of Kyoto

The soap weighs 75 grams and is large enough to occupy the palm of your hand. It can be used to wash your face twice a day, morning and evening, and will not run out quickly.

The cute pink-toned package design is perfect for small gifts for women on birthdays, Mother's Day, etc. The set of five makes a good congratulatory or return gift.

There are no instructions, and features and usage are written directly on the inside of the box. The lack of wastefulness is also favorable.

Soaps recommended as gifts for naturalists and picky eaters

Soap as a gift

Recommended as a gift for naturalists and picky eaters

Kyo-LOCO cosmetics can be used regardless of skin type and are gentle to the skin, full of plant-derived ingredients that are safe even for sensitive skin.

We hope you will try to give soap as a gift that shows the power of nature. It will surely be appreciated by naturalists and women who are particular about cosmetics.

BECOS also offers modern Japanese wrapping using Japanese paper, furoshiki, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer the service of typing the text you wish to convey on a message card. Please make your gift memorable while envisioning the smile of the recipient.