Rich and highly absorbent! Luxurious lotion with silk-derived ingredients

This lotion has a high moisturizing power. Its thick texture and the sensation of being easily absorbed into the skin are appealing features that make you want to continue using it. The fact that it is fragrance-free and has no distinctive cosmetic scent is also a key to its ease of use. We recommend using it together with Silky Cream from the same series!

Cosmetics focusing on silk developed by a long-established brand

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Cosmetics focusing on silk developed by a long-established brand

A cosmetic brand "CANOCO" lotion was developed by a long-established headdress brand founded in 1837, focusing on the excellence of silk. This item was born in Kyoto and uses "sericin" contained in silk.

Most of the sericin that protects silk threads during "Mayu" is removed in the manufacturing process when silk is used as a material for kimono accessories. However, just as it protects silk threads, sericin is a valuable component that also protects human skin.

This silky lotion is a higher grade lotion that makes luxurious use of sericin. It is recommended to use this lotion together with the brand's Silky Cream. It is recommended to use it together with the brand's Silky Cream for a simple yet superb skincare experience.

Cosmetics containing sericin to protect the skin

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What is sericin?

Sericin is a transparent membrane-like protein that covers the silk threads produced from silkworm cocoons. It protects the silk threads from ultraviolet rays, active oxygen, and bacteria in the air.

Its sericin is very close to the component found in human skin and is attracting attention as a natural skin care ingredient. When combined in cosmetics, it is particularly expected to have a moisturizing effect. It is also expected to have anti-aging effects such as absorption of ultraviolet rays and anti-oxidation.

Additive-free and alcohol-free, even for sensitive skin

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Additive-free, alcohol-free!

This lotion contains ingredients extracted from natural silk using only water and no chemicals. Besides, it is additive-free and alcohol-free. The creator's wish is to make simple and safe cosmetics that any woman would appreciate.

Even if your skin is sensitive and you have a hard time trying things that contain various ingredients, this is a lotion that you should definitely try.

Lotion containing sericin with excellent moisturizing power

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Melts on the skin and provides ample moisture

When you put a little lotion on your hand, it feels slightly thickened. When you extend it onto the skin, the thickening seems to disappear quickly, and you get the sensation of it penetrating into the skin.

When using the product, first apply it generously to a cotton pad and gently blend it over the entire face. Then, pat lightly over the entire face to make the skin soft and glowing. If you are concerned about dryness, you can apply the product over and over to feel even more moisturized.

Some users' reviews say that their skin became softer and clearer with continued use. Some say that they look forward to putting on makeup. We hope you will experience the changes in your skin yourself.

Fragrance-free and alcohol-free cosmetics

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Recommended for scent-sensitive people.

It is fragrance-free and alcohol-free, so people who are concerned about the unique fragrance of cosmetics or the smell of alcohol can use it without resistance.

This is also a good choice if you are worried about using products that contain various ingredients, or if you want to choose products that cause as little irritation as possible. Simple products can be used every day with peace of mind.

One of a kind cosmetics that make the perfect gift

Cosmetics as a gift

One of a kind items make the perfect gift!

CANOCO's cosmetics, which focus on the ingredients of silk, are the perfect gift for those who want to use something really good. It is nice to know that these hypoallergenic skincare items are easy for people with sensitive skin to use, while also having a luxurious feel.

We encourage you to choose these products for Mother's Day, special gifts for your wife, or any other gift-giving occasion for beauty lovers. Our top-ranked natural cosmetics will surely please any person.

BECOS also offers modern Japanese wrapping using Japanese paper, furoshiki, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer the service of typing the text you wish to convey on a message card. Please make your gift memorable while envisioning the smile of the recipient.