[ACCESSORY] TOKOBA DROP EARRINGS AKAGIKU TSUNAGI (K18) | TOKOBA | EDO CUT GLASS[Make to order: approx. 2 months delivery time]

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Kobayashi Glass Kogei Kohei KobayashiKohei Kobayashi

Earrings made of deep red crystal glass.

This jewelry was developed with the idea of ​​"I want you to feel closer to Edo Kiriko," which has a strong image of glass.

It is also recommended as a gift for celebration or as a gift for loved ones.

Please enjoy the elegant brilliance.


Manufacturer Kobayashi Glass Kogei
Country of origin Tokyo, Japan
Technique Edo Cut Glass
Material Crystal glass, 18k gold
Size Total Length: 1.41", D1.18" * W0.55"(全長:3.6, 本体:縦3.0*横1.4cm)
Weight 0.01 lbs(4g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Note As it is handmade, the color may differ.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


Bringing the beauty of glass to your daily life

Kobayashi Glass Kogei

  • 1908
  • Edo Glass
  • Kohei Kobayashi


Reliable technology have been passed down for four generations

Our technology has continued from the time when the first Kikuichiro Kobayashi became a disciple of Kyosen Ohashi's grandfather to this day.

Since the first generation jumped into the world of Kiriko in 1908, we have been making Edo Kiriko to this day.

We have a track record of holding it in the National Museum of Modern Art and delivering it to the Imperial Household Agency.

We have also worked on sake sets used in the cars of "TRAIN SUITE Shikishima" and have been constantly refining our technology over the long history.

As a 4th generation, I have seen the backs of my father and grandfather since I was a child, and until I was a college student I never thought of becoming a craftsman, but naturally I chose the path of Edo Kiriko craftsman who is a family business.

I first stood in the workshop while I was in college, and after graduating I chose to be a craftsman, and then I continued to steal my father's skills with my own eyes.

As I continued my training as a craftsman, I began to feel that I want people who do not use glasses to know the charm of Edo Kiriko, and I can always wear Edo in my daily life.

I decided to make an accessory for Kiriko.

Accessories are smaller in size than glasses and require finer cutting techniques.

Also, if the weight is not light, it will be a burden.

The "tokoba jewelry" was completed by repeating such cutting methods and size adjustments.


"Chrysanthemum connection crest" created by delicate sculpture

Many of the patterns of Edo Kiriko are familiar to Japanese people, such as "chrysanthemum connection," "spider web," and "checkerboard." p>

Among them, the chrysanthemum connecting pattern, which we are good at, shows the appearance of a series of chrysanthemum flowers by crossing fine lines, and this fine cut has concentration and skill.

It seems that power is required and the skill of the craftsman is directly linked to the finish of the work.

Starting from carving the contours one by one by hand, one craftsman carefully performs the entire process of cutting and polishing.

When you wear it, the light hits the cut part and diffusely reflects, giving off a very beautiful shine.

For Customers

Enjoy the glass shining like a glittering jewel

I believe that traditional crafts will decline unless they change their shape according to the times.

Edo Kiriko created "tokoba jewelry" because he thought it was attractive not only as a glass or sake set.

Although it is not very familiar to Japanese people, you can add color to your daily life by incorporating the brilliance of glass into your life.

We made it so that it is light and comfortable to use while retaining the beautiful texture of glass, so please enjoy beautiful Edo Kiriko for a wide range of purposes from everyday use to party scenes.

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality

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