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Enjoy the natural luster captured into metal jewelry


  • 2013
  • Silver wire work
  • Chieko Yanai


Expressing the world of nature with engraving and wire works

I was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1991 and completed the metal modeling laboratory in Hiroshima City University Graduate School in 2017.

After that, I entered Kanazawa Utatsuyama Craft Studio., and in 2013, launched the jewelry brand “CHECOS”.

Using silver and brass, engraving and silver wirework techniques, we produce jewelries that express the soft curves and delicate details of natural objects.


As if bringing life to metal materials

Silver wirework is a technique for creating patterns and shapes by winding thin silver wires, creating unique and delicate watermarks and texture.

Metal carving is a technique of carving or shaving metal; it has a long history and is the most used technique for making ornaments.

The craftsmen use these techniques to express the delicateness, softness and lightness in nature.

Our ultimate goal is to make jewelry as if the soul is blown into it, and the moment you wear it, it feels like life has taken root in it.

For Customers

For you to feel the love contained in each motif

Flowers and snows, natural sceneries that usually only last for seconds have always fascinated human beings with its short-length of lives.

We capture such beautiful sceneries of nature , and transform into metal jewelry to last almost forever.


2015 55th Japan Craft Exhibition Winner

2017 Imamatsu Mamesa Design Award

2018 Spring Hikari (Three Person Exhibition)

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