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Yasuto Yonehara


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Yasuto YoneharaYasuto Yonehara

The unique shape of the fan creates a gentle, supple breeze, connecting craft and everyday life!

The shape of the silk fan, originally developed in France, has been incorporated into the Kyoto fan.

The moment you open the fan, a subtle Japanese fragrance spreads from it.

This fan is made by Miyawaki Urihan, a long-established fan maker in Kyoto.

Since the shape of the fan is a spreading one, it has the meaning of "wishing for the prosperity of the person who uses it" and has been popular as a gift since ancient times.

The shine of the foil gives the fan a sense of luxury, making it a must-have for yourself or as a gift.


Manufacturer Yasuto Yonehara
Country of origin Kyoto, Japan
Technique Kyoto Folding Fans
Material Japanese paper, colored foil, hot foil, glue, Yakisusu-take
Size Length 9.06 in. (23cm)
Weight 0.08 lbs(37g)
Capacity 0 oz(0ml)
Electronic Equipment Please be careful not to get them wet. When you are not using it, you can store it in a box or bag with a seme (ring-shaped paper) to keep it in a more beautiful shape.
Note The color of the gold leaf will change depending on how the light hits it.
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 2-3 weeks)
Higashiyama Enterprise Association


Expressing the Japanese aesthetic sense with gold and silver leaf

Yonehara Business Office

  • 2016
  • Kyoto folding fan
  • Yasuto Yonehara
Higashiyama Enterprise Association


To pass on tradition to the future

I started working for (traditional craftsman) Shinji Yonehara in 2009, doing foil stamping work on Kyoto folding fan.

I was mainly involved in the production of fans used in traditional Japanese arts and crafts such as Noh and Sadou(Tea ceremony).

I was mainly involved in the production of fans used in traditional Japanese arts and crafts such as Nou and Sadou.

Through this experience, I realized that I really wanted to protect not only the skills of Kyoto folding fan, which is a traditional Japanese craft, but also the Japanese virtues and prayers that have been handed down with the arts, rituals, festivals, and Buddhist rites.

I developed a strong desire to use the tools of "fan" and "foil" to express this in a modern sense.

I thought about what kind of value I could offer to the modern world by using the skills I had learned so far, and in 2016 I became independent with the aim of creating "Kyoto folding fans that express Japanese identity.

Higashiyama Enterprise Association


A design that is traditional, yet feels new

I want to make the culture of having a fan take root in our modern lives.

Therefore, I make traditional yet fashionable fans using the foil technique.

One of the characteristics of fans made in Kyoto is the division of labor in the production system.

Craftsmen with specialized knowledge and skills in each of the following areas work together to produce fans: fan bones, ground paper, overglaze painting, foil stamping, folding, and attaching.

By doing so, they are able to make the best use of the goodness and characteristics of the materials to create high quality crafts.

The Ibushi series, in particular, utilizes the sulfurization effect that occurs when silver is smoked with sulfur.

This is called burning foil.

The color of silver changes in various ways depending on how long it is smoked.

The transparent thin film that forms on the surface when silver is smoked with sulfur interferes with light, and the color changes according to the thickness of the thin film.

It is not a matter of "more speed, more quantity" but "more time, more care".

The result is a luxurious gem of a product.

Higashiyama Enterprise Association

For Customers

Enjoy the unique Japanese aesthetic sense

I believe that emotional expressions such as "Mono no ahare", "Yugen" and "Wabisabi", which Japanese people consider beautiful and have inherited, are unique aesthetic senses of the Japanese people.

I believe that this Japanese aesthetic sense is the starting point of creativity, and is what traditional crafts should truly pass on to the future.

I would be happy if customers can also feel the heart of the Japanese people through the texture of the Kyoto folding fan and the expression created by the foil.

Kyoto folding fan can be used to coordinate your daily life or as a chic accent to keep you cool.

Kyoto folding fan is an item that matches the modern lifestyle and can be used as a gift.


Awarded the Newcomer Prize at the FA International Art Association Exhibition

Selected for the National Competition for Traditional Crafts


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