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A very adorable beckoning cat with both hands raised. This item is made using the kimekomi technique used for Hina dolls and other Sekku dolls, and will invite good fortune for 10 or 20 years. The chirimen fabric used for kimonos and other items is so beautiful that it will make a statement wherever it is displayed. Please enjoy coordinating it with various interior items in your home. The lucky beckoning cat is also recommended as a gift for celebrations and other occasions.

Traditional crafts that are easy to incorporate into daily life


Characteristics of the Maneki Neko 1

Traditional crafts that are easy to incorporate into daily life

This beckoning cat is made using the kimekomi technique used for Hina dolls and other Sekku dolls. Mokumekomi is a technique in which the base body is die-cut, glue is placed in grooves carved into the body, and cloth is inserted over the top. Unlike mass-produced items, each one is carefully crafted by hand by traditional artisans.

Although it may seem a bit high to incorporate traditional crafts as objects or ornaments, these cute manekineko will fit in any place, such as the entranceway or living room.

As a beckoning cat is also a lucky charm, you want to choose a "really good one" that can spend a long time with you both as a gift and for yourself. Just as Sekku dolls do not fade away after a long time, this beckoning cat will invite good fortune for a long time, 10 to 20 years.

Fine expression expressed by chirimen fabric


Characteristics of Maneki Neko 2

Fine expression expressed by chirimen fabric

The fabric used to decorate the beckoning cat is chirimen, which is also used for kimonos. It is characterized by small wrinkles called shibo. If you look closely at the entire beckoning cat, you will see that the shibori flow symmetrically from left to right. The face, for example, has a more three-dimensional expression due to the curves created by the shibori. The ability to arrange the fabric so precisely is the work of a skilled craftsman.

The color balance is also well calculated to create a gentle impression despite the variety of colors in the product. The clear eyes with the corners of the eyes raised and the hands clasped in front of the chest look as if the wearer is really wishing upon a star in the night sky, as the product name "Wish Upon a Star" implies.

While it is often the case with cloth dolls that the sewing is a little too loose, the Mokumegome beckoning cat is beautifully finished at every border of every part. Of course, even the bottom part of the doll, which you cannot see, is firmly covered with Mokumegome chirimen fabric.

A good luck charm for celebrations and other gifts


Characteristics of Maneki Neko 3

A good luck charm for celebrations and other gifts

Since beckoning cats are known as lucky charms, they are also chosen as gifts for various celebrations, including celebrations for store openings. It is said that a beckoning cat with its right hand raised brings money and a beckoning cat with its left hand raised invites people, but this beckoning cat appears to be raising both hands, so it seems to bring both benefits.

The classic manekineko designs that have been made since ancient times are sometimes difficult to make use of as interior items, but this manekineko can be displayed in a store or office without feeling out of place. Since it is a small item, we recommend giving it together with other festive items to suit the store where it will be given.


Details of the beckoning cat1

Outstanding stability! Coordinates well with the rest of the collection!

Manekineko made with Mokumegomi technique has a very sturdy body base. Therefore, although it looks soft, it is firm to the touch. It is not fluffy like a lightweight doll of cotton type, and it does not roll or fall over when touched. It has a high sense of stability and stands firmly on its own.

You can also enjoy coordinating it with various interior items in your home. It is also eye-catching and cute to display several different types of beckoning cats.

Available in two sizes


Details of the beckoning cat 2

Available in two sizes

The size of the beckoning cat is about 10 cm in height and 6 cm in width and depth for the S size, and about 15 cm in height and 7 cm in width for the L size, which is a little larger. If you know where you want to display it, it is best to choose a size that fits the space.

Both sizes fit in the palm of your hand, so they can be placed in the entryway, on top of a cabinet in the living room, or in a bay window to take advantage of the space they save.

Details of Maneki Neko3

Comes in a special box

The beckoning cat arrives in a special box. The box is decorated with the words "Edo Mokumegome" and "Kakinuma Doll" stamped in gold leaf, giving it a stylish yet luxurious appearance. For gifts such as for the opening of a new store, you can make the gift even more special by wrapping it with noshi (a gift wrapping paper) and mizuhiki (a thin string of traditional Japanese paper).

It is recommended that you purchase one for yourself as a commemorative gift, or as a present for a loved one as it looks great.


send a beckoning cat as a gift

Add a personal touch with your choice of wrapping

BECOS wrapping service allows you to choose from a variety of modern Japanese designs using Japanese paper, furoshiki wrapping cloth, and other uniquely Japanese materials. If you are unable to hand-deliver the gift in person, we also offer a service to print the text you wish to convey on a message card.

The timing of giving a gift of good fortune is often a milestone and important moment for the recipient. Please give a thoughtful gift, thinking of the smile on the recipient's face when he or she holds it in his or her hands.


Kakinuma Dolls Toko KakinumaToko Kakinuma

It is a very popular beckoning cat using Nishijin-ori!

Traditional craftsman Toko Kakinuma uses Swarovski crystals for his eyes, power stones for bells, and Nishijin-ori and enamel for his body.

By incorporating materials that were not found in conventional wood-grained dolls, we have created a beckoning cat that is even more cute and charming.

A cat with both hands raised is said to invite both money and people, so it is a very pleasing item for opening celebrations and gifts for opening celebrations.


Manufacturer Kakinuma Dolls
Country of origin Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Technique Edo Art Dolls
Material Rayon, high-performance resin
Size L: H6.10" * W2.76" * D3.54", M: H4.92" * W2.36" * D3.15", S: H3.94" * W2.17" * D2.36"(L : H15.5*W7.0*D9.0, M : H12.5*W6.0*D8.0, S : H10.0*W5.5*D6.0cm)
Weight 0.26 lbs(120g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)

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Miki Kikuchi
Kakinuma doll invited cat

I was very pleased when I gave it a celebration of the opening of the store. I was very happy.

Thank you for using our shop.

It seems that the person who received it and the customer were satisfied.
I am very happy.

If you have another opportunity, thank you.
Thank you very much.

Emai Hiraoka

I purchased it as a gift for the opening of the store.
I was very pleased.

Thank you for using our shop.

We seem to be pleased and we are very happy.
We look forward to your visit again.

Thank you very much.

Japanese Fujiwara

[Edo Wood Grand] Kakinuma Doll Invite Cat Stars (Citizens' Color Color) * It may take about 2 months to ship.

Thank you for using our shop.

It seems that you were satisfied and I am very happy.
We look forward to your use again.

Thank you very much.

Leopard's first loss
I'm satisfied

I am satisfied with the performance as expected. It is decorated on the entrance, but I feel that the entrance has become a little gorgeous. It seems to bring good luck.

Thank you for purchasing this time.
We are very happy and we are very happy.
We look forward to your visit again.


I purchased it as a celebration!
Everything was very cute with a very beautiful face!
I think you will be pleased with any celebration!

Thank you for choosing BECOS invited cat as an important celebration!
Among the many invited cats, this item has been very popular with poses and lovely expressions that are rarely seen elsewhere.
I am very happy to be pleased.
We look forward to using it again!

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