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A small, elegant doll

Mataro Doll

  • 1919
  • Edo Art Dolls
  • Mataro Kanabayashi
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Handing down 280 years of traditional techniques to the present day

Mataro Doll was founded in 1919, and produces Edo Art Dolls, a traditional craft that has been handed down since the Edo period, such as Hina dolls and May dolls.

Edo Art Dolls (Kimekomi Dolls) began about 280 years ago at Kamigamo Shrine in Kyoto, Japan.

Mataro Kanabayashi, the founder of Edo Art Dolls (Kimekomi Dolls), is the only person authorized by Kamigamo Shrine to carry on the tradition of Kimekomi Dolls.

Today, the third generation, Mataro Kanabayashi, who has elevated the art of doll making to a comprehensive art form, has taken over his passion and skills, and is developing dolls in collaboration with characters and doll kits that allow people to create their own dolls.

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It's the longevity of our relationship that makes it so enjoyable.

Kimekomi Dolls are characterized by their beautiful curves and elegant, supple faces, just like the ones in the Tale of Genji.

The Kimekomi Dolls are made after studying the accurate costumes and historical research of the Heian period, and are creatively color coordinated.

The body of the doll is made of natural paulownia wood, and we do not use any foreign-made materials or scientific materials such as urethane.

After purchasing a doll, you will have a long relationship with it.

For this reason, we strive to make dolls that you will never get bored with, and that you will enjoy more and more the more you look at them.

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For Customers

Traditional arts and crafts for all to see and touch

Many people think that Sekku (Festival) dolls are for babies, but in fact, many people buy Sekku dolls for themselves, wishing for healthy growth, happiness and good health, and protection from bad luck.

We have also prepared a kit that allows you to make your own Kimekomi Dolls at home, ranging from easy kits for beginners to more advanced ones.

Experience the fun of making dolls at home by yourself or with your loved ones.


Received the Prime Minister's Prize in the Sekku Doll Contest


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