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A unique tie with a changing pattern


  • 1940
  • NISHIJIN Ori (Textiles)
  • Yuki Nekado
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A fusion of the best silk fabric "NISHIJIN Ori" and Neckties

We, NEKADO, were established in 1940.

Akira Nekado, the first generation of NEKADO, was fascinated by NISHIJIN Ori, Japan's finest silk fabric, and started making neckties using NISHIJIN Ori, which is rare in Japan.

Our ties, with their traditional techniques and innovative designs, have been used by many gentlemen.

We have been developing not only neckties but also accessories and miscellaneous goods utilizing Nishijin textiles.

I was born as the eldest son of the second president, Akimitsu Nekado, and grew up seeing and feeling NISHIJIN Ori ties from a young age.

After spending my school years in Kyoto, I went to work for a bag maker to learn about manufacturing, wholesale and brands. After that, I returned to the family business.

We have been developing new products while preserving our original techniques and quality.

We have won awards at the Nishijin Weaving Competition every year, and we are actively collaborating with designers and traditional craftsmen from other industries to create new and attractive products.

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Tie that changes its design depending on the angle

NISHIJIN Ori is made of ultra-fine silk yarns, slowly and over time, two to three times more densely woven than ordinary fabrics, which gives it a unique luster and texture, and also allows for intricate designs.

Our unique pleated neckties are made from the finest Nishijin fabric and are pleated by hand, one by one, by sewing artisans in Kyoto.

They are more difficult to sew than ordinary neckties and are hand-sewn one by one by skilled craftsmen.

By adding pleats to the tie, the luster and color design changes depending on the angle of view.

The pleated necktie is a beautiful and unique necktie that can be viewed from any angle, and we have registered the design as our own unique design.

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For Customers

Adult neckties that don't look like anyone else's.

We created the pleated tie with the idea of creating a more fashionable and unique tie.

At first glance, it looks like an overly flamboyant pattern, but when you actually wear it, it gives off a calm impression.

Wouldn't you like to wear a tie that doesn't look like anyone else's?

It'll look great over the camera in remote meetings!

The pleated tie was born from an encounter with a pleated factory at a trade show in 2018.

After a lot of trial and error in sewing and making prototypes, we were finally able to produce it.

We would like to continue to evolve as we add more designs and series, so we hope you will continue to patronize our products for a long time.


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