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Best of the best


  • 1919
  • Porcelain
  • CEO Yoshiyuki Suzuki
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A key player in Japan's Western tableware culture

OKURA ART CHINA was founded in 1919 by Magobei Okura and Kazuchika Okura, father and son, based on the principle of "making good things even better.

At the time of the company's founding, the Okura father and son felt disappointed that the Western tableware used to entertain state guests and dignitaries was dominated by foreign manufacturers, and began to produce artistic ceramics as a manufacturer of the finest Western tableware in Japan.

OKURA ART CHINA, which emphasized the production of Western-style tableware that would be close to the lives of Japanese people, tried to create works based on the aesthetic sense of the Japanese people by conveying the good qualities of Japan's four seasons through colors and by incorporating designs that delicately captured trees and flowers.

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The beauty of white porcelain and unique techniques

We continue to pursue "whiteness of color, hardness of porcelain, and smoothness of skin" and are known as "Blue of Sable, White of Okura".

In order to create the beauty of perfect white porcelain, only the finest kaolin is luxuriously used as a material.

For the firing process, we have perfected an outstanding technique, such as firing at an extremely high temperature of 1460 degrees Celsius, which is rare in the world.

In order to realize Magobei Okura's dream at the time of its founding to "create the finest works of art," we have developed numerous techniques to weave our own unique beauty.

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For Customers

The Joy of Owning Japan's Finest Tableware

Tableware is one of the indispensable items in our daily lives.

I would like more and more people to experience OKURA ART CHINA, not to mention those who have used Okura Pottery in the past.

We would like people to use OKURA ART CHINA vessels as a familiar part of their daily lives, for example, when they want to calm down their high spirits with a cup of tea.

OKURA ART CHINA has consistently produced hard porcelain with high artistic value, in accordance with its founding philosophy of "Best of the best".

We will continue to pursue "whiteness of color, hardness of porcelain, and smoothness of skin," not only to protect traditional techniques, but also to inherit the spirit of craftsmanship of our founder, and continue to take on new challenges.


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