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More than Edo Kiriko. Dignity, RINZEN KIRIKO


  • 2021
  • Kiriko (Cut Glass)
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Stunning beauty of Edo Kiriko.

We, "Tokyo Glass Studio RINZEN", have been in business for 0 years.

There is no history, only quality" is the theme of our manufacturing.

I was fascinated by the beauty of cut glass, and after training at a major faceting manufacturer, I founded RINZEN in January 2021.

Kiriko is the Japanese name for cut glass.

Edo kiriko (Tokyo) and Satsuma kiriko (Kagoshima) are the best known examples, but kiriko flourished in many parts of Japan in the past.

Typical kiriko patterns include "Kiku Tsunagi", "Hakkakagome", "Asanoha", "Yarai", "Shippo", "Checkerboard", and many other traditional patterns.

Kiriko with these delicate cuts on the glass is highly artistic and loved by many people even today.

Our goal is to create a unique brand, "RINZEN Kiriko," based on the theme of fusing classic (traditional patterns) and modern.

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Polishing is the key. The unique beauty of glass

When it comes to cut glass, people tend to focus only on the cutting technique, but in fact there is another important process that determines the beauty of cut glass: polishing.

In fact, glass does not shine simply by being cut.

It is the polishing process that makes the glass shine.

There are two methods of polishing: acid polishing and hand polishing.

Acid polishing is a good method for mass production because it can process a large number of products at once, but the beauty of the product may be lost because the cut edges may be melted by the chemicals.

In order to maximize the brilliance of the glass and pursue the best possible shine, we polish each product by hand, although it takes time and effort.

This is our commitment at RINZEN KIRIKO.

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For Customers

Bringing cut glass closer to you. Superb sparkle

The quality of cut glass in Japan varies widely, and each workshop has its own unique production method and quality requirements.

We at RINZEN will continue to create our own brand, aiming for a unique design that combines precise and bold cuts, and a more beautiful finish than anywhere else using our secret "hand-polishing" technique.

RINZEN KIRIKO gives glass a superb sparkle.

these days, as we spend more time at home, we pay more attention to the items we use around us.

We hope you will use it as a gift for your loved ones, a congratulatory gift for a special occasion, or a reward for yourself.


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