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Nakamura Candle Koichi TagawaKoichi Tagawa

The core of Japanese candles is made by wrapping rush around a piece of Japanese paper.

It is thicker than the core of a Western candle and does not burn out easily. For this reason, as time passes, the carbonized unburned core becomes longer and the flame becomes larger.

Please cut the core and adjust the flame to an appropriate size.


Manufacturer Nakamura Candle
Country of origin Kyoto, Japan
Technique Japanese Candles
Material iron
Size 7.08"(18cm)
Weight 0.2 lbs(90g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment
Note Supports 15 to 100 momme
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


From 125 years ago to upcoming future

Nakamura Candle

  • 1887
  • Japanes - Kyoto Candle
  • Koichi Tagawa


From wax tree to candles

For more than 125 years since our establishment, we have continued to make products of Japanese-Kyoto candles.

Japanese-Kyoto candles have been used for Buddhist work since the ancient times, but the demand is decreasing nowadays due to the domination of inexpensive imported western candles.

In addition, such harsh situations continue, as a decrease in the production of fruit 櫨 (wax trees): the essential materials for our candles.

Nakamura Candle is actively involved in various projects in order to inherit the Japanese-Kyoto candles for the next generation.

Our activity includes participating in a project to cultivate wax trees, developing scented Japanese-style candles, and more.


handmade one-by-one

The biggest difference between Japanese traditional candles and western candles is the raw materials being used.

While western candles use petroleum based materials, Japanese candles are all made of plants-based materials.

Another major characteristic is big beautiful fire with much less amount of oiled smoke.

Even without any winds, the fire flickers on its own, providing a mesmerizing yet relaxing atmosphere to your place.

Of course, such fire never gets blown away by a tiny breeze.

These unique characteristics are enabled by the raw material of the wax tree.

However, since it takes 3 to 4 years to bear fruits, it is hard to get stable supply.

Our goal is to produce wax trees on our own, and manufacture candles out of the materials we raise.

For Customers

Healing effect of 1/f relaxation noise

Our candles provide you relatively dim, yet warm and oranged fire.

This fire is created by our plant-based materials with lower melting point than petroleum based materials.

Japanese candles are known to emit 1/f noise, which is famous for its effect on relaxation of our mind and body.

Just like our hearts' beating rhythm, sound of rivers in forests, lights of firefly, and all those things that help us feel relaxed, our candles will bring you "1/f relaxation".


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