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2016/ Ingegerd Raman Ingegerd RåmanIngegerd Råman

A stylish canister (black matte) with functionality.

A container for storing tea and tea leaves.

The lid is covered with a silicone ring and can be sealed properly.

I made it an item that combines functionality and a simple design.


Manufacturer 2016/ Ingegerd Raman
Country of origin Saga Prefecture, Japan
Technique Imari-Arita Wares
Material Porcelain
Size φ4.21" H5.35"(φ10.7*H13.6cm)
Weight 0.88 lbs(400g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave oven : 〇, Dishwashing machine : 〇, Direct fire : X, IH : X, Oven : X
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


Arita ware with a simple and functional design

Ingegerd Råman

2016 collection Ingegerd Raman produced by KORANSHA 2_Photography Kenta Hasegawa


Renowned Swedish designer Ingegerd Råman was keen to practically apply Arita’s advanced craftsmanship to create a functional, stackable yet beautiful tea set.

This series, graced with its delicate lines of form places greater emphasis on beauty over its stackable design.

A unique glaze of the softest texture available in both black and white was developed especially for this range.

Råman commented, “This collection was born out of a true collaboration between designer and craftsman, where absolutely no compromise would be accepted until its completion.” Blending together her vast artistic experience in ceramics and Arita’s foremost industrial techniques, a ceramic range this beautiful has yet to be seen.


Ingegerd Råman is one of Sweden's most renowned designers of glass and ceramics.

Simplicity and timelessness are the key characteristics of her work that have helped Råman enjoy a career of longevity and success.

She creates objects that are balanced and discreet but also warm – a feeling of joy and beauty are inherent in her works.

Råman believes her objects do not come to life until they are used.

Multifunctionality plays a large role in her designs and pieces can often be combined with one another and reassembled in various combinations.
Råman has designed for several important Scandinavian and international manufacturers, most notably Johanfors Glass, Skruf and Orrefors.

Her work is exhibited by museums such as the National Museum of Fine Arts in Stockholm, the Corning Glass Museum.

Raman has won the Excellent Swedish Design Award no less than 17 times.

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