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A coffee cup (black mat) on which a dripper can be placed directly.

A sophisticated, simple and modern coffee cup with an attractive porcelain texture.

You can use the dripper of the same series directly on it.

Because it is made of heat-resistant material and can be used in a microwave oven and oven, it can be used not only for warming drinks, but also for making cupcakes and cooking. Can be stacked and stored with cups of the same series.


Manufacturer 2016/ BIG-GAME
Country of origin Saga Prefecture, Japan
Technique Imari-Arita Wares
Material Porcelain
Size φ3.35" W4.33" H2.05"(φ8.5*W11.0*H5.2cm)
Weight 0.33 lbs(150g)
Capacity 8.79 oz(260ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave oven : 〇 Dishwashing machine : 〇 Direct fire : 〇 IH : X Oven : 〇 
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


Arita porcelain with basic and geometric design


2016 collection BIG-GAME produced by KUBOTA MINORU CERAMICS 2 _Photography Kenta Hasegawa


Swiss-based design trio BIG-GAME have created a range of kitchen items featuring a coffee set with kettle and pot that lets fresh drip coffee be fully flavoured.

Although the collection’s defining characteristic lies in simplicity of form, it still makes use of the most advanced materials and cutting edge ceramic processes.

Being porous, this ceramic coffee filter acts as a percolating device allowing the coffee’s gentle taste to be savoured.

Due to the heat-resistant nature of the clay used, the kettle and cooking pot can be warmed over an open fire, in an oven or microwave.

The pieces can then be used to directly transfer food to the family table as they serve equally as well as tableware.

This is a beautiful design range with great versatility in everyday use.


BIG-GAME is a design office established by three people: Augustin Scott de Martinville, Gregoire Giamono, and Elric Petit.

They have designed various products and accessories for companies such as Alessi, HAY, Karimoku New Standard, Moustache, Lexon, and Praxis.

They are familiar, cute, and concept is to make something more convenient than anything else.

The work is housed in the collections of the Zurich Design Museum, the Grand Olmuseum, the Pompidou Center, the French National Contemporary Art Collection, and the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

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