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2016/ Shigeki Fujishiro Shigeki FujishiroShigeki Fujishiro

A grater that can be used as is on the table.

It is a grater that realizes an angle that is easy to rub with precise calculation and craftsmanship.

You can grate it smoothly and without stress.

Because of the stylish design that has never been seen in graters, it is recommended that you rub it and then place it on the table. It is a development of 3 colors.


Manufacturer 2016/ Shigeki Fujishiro
Country of origin Saga Prefecture, Japan
Technique Imari-Arita Wares
Material Porcelain
Size W5.91" D4.96" H1.26"(W15.0*D12.6*H3.2cm)
Weight 0.75 lbs(340g)
Capacity 0 oz(ml)
Electronic Equipment Microwave oven : 〇, Dishwashing machine : 〇, Direct fire : X, IH : X, Oven : X
Delivery Time 1-2 weeks (if out of stock + 1-2 weeks)


Arita ware with the theme of "Red" symbolizing Japan

Shigeki Fujishiro

2016 collection Shigeki Fujishiro produced by KIN_EMON TOEN 2 _Photography Kenta Hasegawa


In his quest to better understand Arita-ware across its 400 year history, Japanese designer Shigeki Fujishiro discovered the predominance of the colour red.

Within Arita, overglaze itself is commonly referred to as akae or literally ‘red painting’ and has historically been used with great deference for centuries, an aspect that Fujishiro picked up on and decided to use as the central concept for his design range.

This is a series of daily use items whose form is composed in clean, straight lines, emphasising a functionality that will make them a versatile and harmonious addition to Asian and Western dining tables alike.


Shigeki Fujishiro left the acclaimed IDÉE Co Ltd in 2005 to found his own studio; Shigeki Fujishiro Design.

He has been active in a broad range of areas, including interior products and exhibit installations and he has also worked in brand direction, including that of Saito Wood.

Fujishiro typically focuses on interior products and furniture, working hard to achieve designs that are extremely elementary and that have universal appeal.

In his work structure becomes form, as demonstrated in the Eiffel stool. Fujishiro has recently collaborated with such well-known brands as Hermès and Adidas as well as producing his own self-initiated projects.

How Japanese Products Can Be Such High Quality

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
The grated bowl has a weight and outstanding stability!

Because the vessel is on the slope, it is very helpful because you can quickly grate it without applying force!
I am glad that I can wash it off quickly without clogging or odor transfer.

Until now, I used a metal grated bowl, but I felt it was difficult to rub as the grated eyes were rough and the second half became rough. However, this product is grated with a small projection, so it can be beautifully grated until the end and is very useful.

Thank you for posting the review!
This grated device has been very popular with the calculated slope and grated ease, so I am glad that ASP can feel it.
At first glance, it is a stylish design that does not look like a grater, so please use it as it is on the table.
We look forward to using it again!

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